House Singing 2017 – The 90s

Good luck to all our houses in this term’s Singing Competition!

Here are the songs for your to practise…

ARUNDEL – I’ll be there for you

Word video – click

Karoake video – click

I’ll be there for you Lyrics


Word video – click

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MMMBop Lyrics

CAERNARVON – Keep on Moving

Word video – click

Karoake video – click

Keep on Moving Lyrics

Make a Difference Week- In bloom with Year 1

Make a Difference Week

Year 1 boys have been learning about plants this term. Miss Lawry and the Year 1 boys wanted to make a difference to our school community and link it to our topic, so we decided to plant some flowers and bulbs.

On Wednesday, we all got involved in brightening up our playground. The boys got themselves into teams and with Miss Lawry’s help, planted lots of beautiful flowers and bulbs in big blue pots.

The boys were a part of every stage, from moving the pots to the right place, filling them up with soil, one of the things a plant needs to survive, of course. The boys each added in some compost- this gives the plans the nutrients they need. Next, we chose some flowers and after Miss Lawry demonstrated how to plant them, the boys each had a go at planting their own one. Water is the next important thing a flower needs, so naturally, we got out the hosepipe and each team watered their freshly planted flowers.

Then the clean-up commenced, all the empty flower containers, soil and compost bags needed clearing and of course brooms were to the ready! There was soil and compost in lots of places…some of it, not in the pots!

Year one had so much fun making a difference to our playground, we hope all the boys enjoy watching our flowers and plants grow as much as we will!

Thank you so much to our mummy’s and daddy’s for giving us all the pots, soil and flowers to plant.

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You have helped make a difference to us and our school friends!

Miss Lawry, Miss Andrews and Year 1 boys

Phew – a great week of celebration!

This week has been so busy as we have been working really hard preparing for all our celebrations.

First, we had the Year 1 Parent Assembly where we shared all our learning from the Enterprise Week. Here is a link to our blog post with many pictures.

After that we had the Prize Giving. It was fantastic to see how well supported the boys always are and was great to see 5 of them come away with prizes. Below is a brief video of some of our class prizes.

Finally we had our superhero day:

IMG_1304 IMG_1305 IMG_1306


Next week we return to sense of normalcy, in English we will be doing some superhero poetry using our words from our Lichtenstein  paintings and we will be looking at place value in Maths.  Guided reading will also be back, along with all other subjects!

As I mentioned last week, we don’t have any homework this week.

Have a great weekend.

Mr Foster and Miss Andrews

1B Enterprise Assembly

Thank you for coming to our assembly, it was great to see so many of you at our today.  The boys had a great week with Kool Keyrings and wanted to share their success with you.

Enterprise Week

Dear Parents,

I write this week’s news, exhausted, I am sure the children are as well.

We have worked so hard during our Enterprise Week and there has been some excellent cross curricular learning. We have included Maths, English, Art, Computing, DT and many other things in our learning this week. I can hardly believe that we also had sports day this week. What a week!

Thank you for all your support in these different activities, I really appreciate it

Next week is equally busy. We have prize giving, our class assembly, where give you all the details of our successful company, Superhero Day on Friday, where we will be doing lots of fun activities, and a couple of Maths assessments thrown in for good measure!

As we are so busy at the moment we are not having any homework for this week nor next week except for reading books.

Have a great weekend.

Mr Foster and Miss Andrews

Kool Keyrings…

Look at our posters!

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We have been learning how to take wonderful pictures on the iPad. We are going to put these pictures into our Kool Keyrings!

Another Week in 1B

Dear Parents,

It seems like a long time since I wrote one of our weekly messages, it has been so busy recently with trips and events in school that we have hardly had time to catch our breath.

This week, the boys have been learning a great deal in many different areas. In English we have been writing recounts with a focus on time openers (First, Next, After That etc.) based on our trip to the beach. In maths, as you can see from our blog post, we have been building on time work by learning about using stopwatches and timers and how to write recorded times in minutes and seconds. In history we have been looking at the seaside in the past and how it is different from now.

This week our Enterprise project was introduced by Mr Hardie. This is a week long project that the boys will partake in and is a chance for us to try and raise some money for the school charities.

Yesterday I told the boys that we would be selling personalised keyrings. Today, we voted on the name of our company, Kool Keyrings, and the boys started to design the logo for our company. Next week, we will be coming off some of our regular timetable to develop our company. We will be making persuasive posters, collecting data, making adverts, constructing the keyrings and finally selling them to the other children next Friday.

We would also like to make some available to the parents. Next week I will send out an order form, for up to two keyrings, that can have photographs of your children in them. These will be priced at only £2 each! What a bargain! 

Also next week, on Tuesday is Sports Day. I hope to see all of you there.


This week there is only phonics homework. This is due to Dad’s Camping this weekend.

Have a great weekend.

Mr Foster and Miss Andrews

Active Maths and Timers

Over the past few weeks, Year 1 have been learning about time and timers. This week at LOC, we had a go at timing each other running across a field by counting. This caused lots of problems with difference and inaccurate times so today we had another go. Today, we did things like, running, jumping, climbing and the plank and used timers to record our times. This was much better although I am not sure some of the boys can hold their breath for over 4 minutes…

Year 1 Go to the Beach!

Last week saw us go to the beach at West Wittering. We set off early in the morning and got to…Guildford and the coach broke down. Luckily, we got a replacement and set off sharply. When we finally arrived, the Year 1s has so much fun playing in the sand, eating lunch, building sand castles (the boys and girls loved working together) and eating ice cream. After our brief stay on the beach, we left for home ,everyone was so exhausted, the teachers even had a little nap on the way back. Below are some of the highlights from what was a lovely day!

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