Must Have Apps for my iPad

No, really.

You really must have all these apps installed on your iPads, as your teachers will expect you to be able to use them both in lessons and for homework. Please seek help from IT Support (you can email them directly by tapping here) if you have trouble downloading apps from the AppStore.


Showbie_–_Paperless_Classroom_on_the_App_StoreShowbie is the app that many teachers will be using to set, keep track and even mark some of your tasks and assignments. It is essential that you have this app and that you create a student account.

Office 365

As a member of the Surbiton High School community you have access to the complete suite of Office 365 tools. To sign in to each of the apps, simply use your School email address and your School network password (the same one you use to log on to the computers).



OneDrive Online storage for all your personal files. Think memory stick, without actually having to carry a memory stick.

Follow me in this slideshow for help on how to activate OneDrive. Do this first!


You will need to activate your OneDrive space before it can be accessed by the OneDrive apps. To activate OneDrive, you will need to open a browser window and go to – logging in with your School email address and network password. You will then arrive at the Office 365 screen with a number of options, one of which is OneDrive. Click this and it will get your OneDrive ready. After a short while, it will then show the OneDrive in your web browser window. Once that shows, it should subsequently be accessible using the OneDrive app on your iPad.

You can also install Office 365 for free in up to five other devices (your home desktop or laptop computers, for example) and access the whole suite of tools via a web browser via this address .

Microsoft_Word_on_the_App_StoreWord Write, view and edit word documents.

Microsoft_PowerPoint_on_the_App_StorePowerPoint Create, view and edit presentations.

Microsoft_Excel_on_the_App_StoreExcel Create, view and edit spreadsheets.

Microsoft_OneNote_–_lists__photos__and_notes__organized_in_a_notebook_on_the_App_StoreOneNote Your digital notebook on your iPad.

Office_Sway_on_the_App_StoreSway A wonderful alternative to the old PowerPoint. Create and share presentations online.

Apple Apps

Hopefully you downloaded the Apple suite of office tools when you set up your iPad. If you didn’t, click on the links below to download them:

Pages_on_the_App_StorePages is the Apple equivalent of Word. Very handy to have even if you already have Word on your iPad.

Keynote_on_the_App_StoreKeynote is the Apple equivalent of Powerpoint. Again, worth having even if you already have the Powerpoint app.

Numbers_on_the_App_StoreNumbers is the Apple version of Excel. It allows you to create spreadsheets and graphs easily and intuitively.

The tools above are also available online via Simply sign in using your Apple ID and password. You’ll find everything you create on Pages, Numbers and Keynote will be available on your desktop or laptop computer as well (Windows computers too!).

GarageBand_on_the_App_StoreGarageBand Make and edit sound recordings.

iMovie_on_the_App_StoreiMovie Make and edit video recordings.

Network Drives

You have around 32GB of storage on your iPad, but over the next two years (the lifespan of your iPad) your iPad’s memory is likely to be used up quite quickly, especially if you take a lot of pictures and videos.

Magellan_on_the_App_StoreMagellan Access to our School network drives. Download and upload.

Note: The first time you log on to Magellan, you will need to specify and save the correct server, which is You can also use that address to access the network drives and folders from any computer.