Boys’ Prep Reading Group

After school every Monday, Mr Humphreys, the Senior School librarian, runs a reading group in the Caernarvon Library at the Boys’ Prep.

Reading needn’t be about answering questions or completing homework: it can be fun too! When we read a book together it’s all about enjoying it, whether that’s by acting out the voices of the characters or imagining how we might have written a particular scene differently.

It’s not just about reading books either. We also play a few reading-related games, including guess the book character (by pinning a post-it to the head of the person who’s guessing!), puzzles and Shark-Infested Custard!

So if you’re looking to get more out of your reading, be sure to sign up to reading group next time co-curricular groups are advertised 🙂

Mr Humphreys