Research Tips & Websites

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As well as the resources listed below, we have lots of books and other print resources (e.g. Issues Magazine) on Human Rights and related issues that you will find useful. Do be sure to check these out!


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We have a subscription to Britannica School, which is an encyclopedia specifically for school students. There are different interfaces – Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced – for different levels of article; and each article has direct links to all the people, places and things that are related to the article you’re reading, which is very useful for extended research. Access via your iPad.


As the tagline says, this search engine has been created for students. It filters out all the results that are not suitable for educational purposes in your search results; as with Google, and indeed any other search engine, do be sure to use Advanced Search to improve your results.

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Surbiton High School also subscribes to Complete Issues, an annual current affairs magazine that collects the best articles and interesting facts from the national media and groups them by topic. A print version is also available in the library.