Project Deadline Details

If you are to complete this project to the best of your ability you will need to ensure you meet the following deadlines:


Friday 17th November – Primary Research should be arranged

Friday 24th November – All research should be completed

Friday 1st  December – Draft of report handed to Mr Humphreys

Wednesday 6th December – Mr Humphreys returns report draft

Wednesday 13th December – Final deadline for submission of reports to Queen Mary University

8th – 19th January – Work on presentations, incl. run through with Mr Humphreys

Monday 22nd January – Presentation Evening


This is a far larger research project than anything you will have done before, so it is important that you are organised and communicate with your group throughout.

As a group you will need to meet at least once a week with your teacher supervisor (lunchtime and/or after school) to discuss how your research and report is progressing. It also means we’re up to speed on how you’re getting on.

Thanks, and happy researching!