Welcome to the Human Rights Project page!

From here you can access all the resources you will need to help you complete the Human Rights Young Researchers project. Remember, whilst you as a group of four get to choose the Human Rights-themed topic of your choice (so long as it is related to the United Kingdom), you do need to ensure your project fits in to the guidelines/format specified by Queen Mary University. The links at the top of the page will help ensure you do this.


The following links will also provide you with a general introduction to the subject, and you may find them useful in determining which topic you choose.

British Institute of Human Rights

Start here! The BIHR at Queen Mary University are who you are doing this project with, and they have their finger on the pulse of all the latest Human Rights issues in this country. Includes case studies of often-unreported Human Rights-related issues.

Human Rights Watch (UK) 

The Human Rights Watch is a global organisation of Human Rights professionals who report on human rights issues from around the globe. This page focuses on issues related to the UK.

United Nations Human Rights

The Human Rights Page of the UN

Happy researching and look forward to seeing which topic you choose; Human Rights is always a significant and relevant topic, so it is sure to be an interesting one!

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