Author: José Picardo

Looking up the train-tracks for later in the year

  • Digital fault reporting feature for pupils is on the way. Why trek down to Reception when you can use you iPad ?
  • Ever feel that you can’t get out of Bennett House ? A system to relieve congestion is going to be in place soon.
  • We are going to do everything that we can to avoid using Sixth Form Common Room for lessons.

What is in the pipeline for this year?

  • Uncomfortable school tracksuit bottoms ? SC reps. are currently road-testing some alternatives.
  • Sixth-Formers will be able to report IT problems by e-mail rather than traipsing over to Bennett House.
  • Autumn Term trial: Year 10 & 11 will be allowed to listen to iPods / iPads in Private Study while they work.
  • A cutting-edge Digital Planner on your iPad that will help you to organise your life to the nth degree !

Some of the things that the School Council achieved last year

  • Year 10s now have MFL Conversation Classes from May onwards. Really helpful in getting ready for Orals !
  • Still hungry ? We designed the posters in the Dining Hall encouraging you to ask for more food. Go for it !
  • Following requests, Y11s were able to use their Private Study Periods to sample A-level lessons.

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