SHS girls experience a day in Oxford

Georgie P talks about one of our recent trips to Oxford, for pupils to get a flavour of what life is like at the university.

In February, a group of Year 11 students went to visit the University of Oxford with Mr McDermott and Mrs Leckie. We had a lovely day, touring a variety of colleges as well as getting a feel for the town itself: what it might be like to live there as a student in a few years’ time.

We began at St. Hilda’s college: a fairly new college quite far out from the town centre. After a talk about the general admissions process for Oxford (and what we might be doing from now on to strengthen our applications!), we had the opportunity to question some students in small groups. They then gave us a college tour, followed by a great lunch in their dining room — they are, apparently, the only Oxford college not to have long, Harry-Potter style tables!

Following that, we visited Exeter and Worcester colleges, both of which are a little more “traditional” Oxbridge with stunning architecture (I was amazed to learn that Worcester boasts the oldest student accommodation in the world that is still in use). In Worcester, Bethan, an old Surbiton girl, showed us around, and we also had the opportunity to question a professor.

It was fantastic to see such a range of colleges and also of students — between them, they were studying a whole range of subjects, which meant that everyone on the trip could ask relevant questions. Despite the rather cold February weather, it still managed to be a special day out, and everyone was very grateful for the teachers who took us to Starbucks before our train back to Surbiton! Overall, the trip made us much more aware of what Oxford is like, as a place to study and a place to live, and I would definitely recommend that next year’s Year 11 apply.

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