Setting up my iPad

Your School iPad is supervised digitally and needs to be set up in a specific way. Once you have done this you will be able to use your iPad as if it were your own.

Setting up your iPad is very intuitive. Simply follow the instructions on your screen.

Initial Set-up

The pictures below will guide you through the set-up. The pictures are accompanied by instructions, please ensure you stick to them. Please note that Apple may change the way iPads need to be set-up without prior warning, so the exact images you see may differ. However the gist of the installation will be the same:

Press the Home button to start the process

Confirm the setup language

Select United Kingdom as your country


Select SurbitonWiFi if you are on any of the School’s sites.  Otherwise select your home network for now and return to these instructions when you’re back at school.

Enter your School username and password.  (Please note: you should have logged on to a School computer and changed your default password BEFORE going any further.)


Select Trust to accept the certificate

Select to Enable Location Services


Select Set Up as New iPad

Select Next if required and allow the iPad to be configured

Enter your school username and password again to connect your iPad to AirWatch


Enter a passcode of the required length for the device.  Make sure you remember it.

If the Apple ID screen is displayed, select the Don’t have an Apple ID or forgot it option.  You will enter an Apple ID at a later time.

Select Set Up Later in Settings

Select the Don’t Use option.


The main setup is now complete.  Now select Get Started.

A number of apps will start to automatically install and any other required apps can be selected to be installed from the App Catalog.

At this point, you should open the Settings app.  You will be asked for the password for your school email account:

Enter your school network/MIS password and select OK.


That’s it!

Please, please, please do not worry if you encounter any problems setting up your iPad 🙂

Just let us help you.  Please visit IT Support in the basement of Charles Burney House and they will be happy to help solve any problems with your iPad

Support will be available in the Library every lunchtime during the first week of the autumn term and every Monday, Wednesday and Friday thereafter until further notice.

If you’re all set up, why don’t you now read the Responsible User Agreement to make sure you are using your School iPad appropriately?

Here you can find a copy of the Do’s and Don’t’s poster that is displayed in your classroom, in case you need reminding!