Responsible User Agreement

Digital Resources in our context refer to school Information and Communications Technology systems and equipment (such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets – such as your School iPad – and other mobile devices, printers, scanners, photocopiers and other peripherals), but also to programs, applications and services available on the network or on the Internet. Therefore we expect that this agreement is adhered to both in School and when our Digital Resources are accessed remotely.
Teachers, support staff, students and members of the wider school community at Surbiton High School are encouraged to use our Digital Resources as a way to create and share content and resources, as well as a means to connect with others and network within and outside the School Community, always with the overarching aim of supporting and enhancing teaching and learning.


  • The School’s ethos is summed up in the words: Inspire, Encourage, Empower. The School therefore expects its Digital Resources to be used in this spirit.
  • The School expects the members of the School Community to show respect and consideration for self and others and to behave kindly and appropriately, and in such a way that would not disrupt the use of our Digital Resources.
  • The School will not tolerate any form of bullying or deliberate misuse.
  • The School expects the members of the school community to use good judgment and behave in such a way that will reflect well on them and the School.

The following guidelines arise from these expectations:


  • I will look after my School iPad and will ensure it is always in its case.
  • I understand that I am responsible for ensuring my iPad is fully charged ready for School.
  • I understand that I am solely responsible for any other devices that I bring into School and that the School cannot be held responsible for their damage, theft or loss.
  • I will look after the School’s Digital Resources and will not do anything that will damage School ICT systems or equipment.
  • I will only use the School’s printing facilities for printing academic work, after it has been proof-read for errors and corrected, and will only print out multiple copies when specifically instructed to do so by a member of staff.
  • I understand that I am allowed to bring my own mobile devices (such as smartphones, tablets, netbooks or laptops) in School and connect them to the School’s Wi-Fi network, providing I follow the directions set out in this agreement.
  • I also understand that the use of the School’s Digital Resources and my own mobile device is a privilege, which will be revoked should I not use them according to the terms of this agreement.
  • I will respect the right of others to work in an environment that is free of distractions. I will therefore ensure that I contribute to this environment by turning any device to mute or silent, unless directed otherwise by a teacher.
  • I understand that the School will charge parents a £50 administration fee should my iPad need repair or replacement as a result of loss or damage.


  • I will keep my passwords secret and I will only share them with IT Support staff.
  • Any mobile device I use to connect to the School network will be secured by a password or passcode.
  • I will not use another student’s username and password to access the school network, even if they have given me permission to do so. If I become aware that my password may be insecure, I will change it without delay.
  • I will respect the privacy of others and will not seek to obtain access to their data.
  • I understand that revealing my personal information, or that of others, to any other person in any way is potentially dangerous and illegal. Examples of personal information are birth dates, addresses, mobile phone numbers, current or future location and schedules.
  • I understand that interfering with or trying to bypass any security measures the School may have in place is dangerous and irresponsible. I will therefore respect any measures the School has deemed necessary to maintain a safe teaching and learning environment.
  • I understand that the School has a responsibility to investigate any instances of irresponsible use of its Digital Resources. This means that any digital device, including my own personal device, may be subject to investigation at any time.
  • I will only take photographs and make audio and video recordings when participating in teacher-directed activities and with the consent of those being recorded, always ensuring that subjects are appropriately dressed when recorded as the subject of photos or videos. I will delete any images or videos that are recorded without consent and/or without a teacher’s permission.


  • I will respect copyright guidelines when using digital information.
  • I will always cite and attribute all sources properly and will avoid using Digital Resources to commit plagiarism. I understand that the School will not tolerate any form of plagiarism as detailed in the School’s Academic Integrity Policy.
  • I will actively avoid visiting sites that might contain or display inappropriate material. I understand that there are severe consequences if I do not comply.
  • I will inform staff if I find any inappropriate material whilst using the School’s Digital Resources.
  • I will assume that any information that is shared using social media is public information, regardless of my privacy settings.


  • I will communicate only in ways that are kind, responsible, respectful and legal.
  • I will avoid bad language and potentially offensive or hurtful comments in any form of communication. Not doing so would constitute bullying, which will not be tolerated by the School.
  • I will only access School-approved social networking sites when instructed or allowed to do so by a member of staff.
  • I will only post photographs or videos online when instructed to by a teacher and with the subject’s consent. Full names should never caption an image or video. First names are allowed (for example “Well done Lucy Smith from 7N” is not allowed when accompanying an image, but “Well done Lucy from 7N” is).
  • I will avoid using any digital technology in a way that harms the reputation of Surbiton High School or any member of the School Community.