Logging in to your School Apple ID

Once your iPad has been set up (as detailed on the Setting Up My iPad page), you will need to log in to your School Apple ID.  This will allow you to backup the iPad to iCloud, amongst other things.

Simply follow these instructions to connect your iPad to your School Apple ID.


Check your School email. You should have an email from Apple School Manager detailing your School Apple ID username and temporary password.  Make a note of it.

Open the Settings app and select the Sign in to your iPad option

Enter the School Apple ID information you’ve been given

Re-enter your temporary Apple ID password into the current field and enter the new password using the following formula: surbiton1 (all lower case) and then your initials in capitals.

e.g. Fred Bloggs’ new password would be surbiton1FB

Make sure you enter this password correctly at this stage as it will make using the iPad and solving problems with it a lot easier in the future.

The iPad will then sign in to the Apple ID