Compulsory Equipment

In addition to your School iPad, which you must bring fully charged to School every day, you are also required to bring a set of headphones and a stylus.

Both these items are compulsory and can be obtained from the high street, the bigger supermarkets or Amazon:

  • A set of headphones – These do not need to be made by Apple. In-ear headphones are absolutely fine and are probable better for school use as are more easily portable. They will allow you to listen to video and audio extracts in any subject and complete listening activities in modern languages.


  • A stylus – We recommend you buy the longer, thinner, pen-sized stylus. You will need your stylus to annotate materials and complete worksheets on your iPad, for example. There are mini versions available that are not very good for extended use – please avoid these. There are also very expensive styluses available – please avoid the more expensive ones and look to spend under £10.


Please note that you are required to bring your iPad, your headphones and your stylus to School every day and that you will be subject to School sanctions if you do not do so.