May the 4th Be With You

Star Wars Day now being a global celebration, we at Lit Soc invited our resident Obi Wan, Mr Webb to lead what turned out to be a stimulating, erudite and musical discussion of the groundbreaking space opera!

Amidst a plethora of film memorabilia – including our resident mascot Paddington Bear reluctantly donning a Darth Vader mask – we learned a series of factoids about the making of the beloved movies. Did you know that Alec Guinness, who played Obi Wan Kenobi, took a small percentage of the film profits, thereby becoming a multi-millionaire? Or that four people played Darth Vader? Or that Peter Cushing loathed his boots so much that he insisted on wearing slippers during filming? Or that the original Emperor was played by a woman who married a person who played King Kong? We could go on…

Being an instrumentalist, Mr Webb had much to say about John Williams’ extraordinary score, which brought classical music back to the movies. Using the fabulous London Symphony Orchestra to record what is now an iconic part of cinematic history. We listened to both versions of the Imperial Storm Troopers’ March – the minor key familiar to us all, and the major disconcertingly jaunty!

Having first seen “Episode IV” as a 7-year-old, Mr Webb went on to discuss the sequels and prequels, and how he feels about the “new crop” of episodes. To general agreement, he felt that the great days were “over”.  But oh what fun was had with the originals, and the fabulous characters, plots and special effects.

Many thanks to Mr Webb for a fascinating tour of the Star Wars Universe!

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