STOP PRESS: Nobel Prize for Literature 2016

Amazing news on Thursday 13th October when the Nobel committee announced that Bob Dylan, singer-songwriter extraordinaire, had been awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature. Lit Soc got there first when we had our own session on song lyrics as literature, back in 2014, as ever we are cutting edge…


National Poetry Day – Messages

Unbelievably, National Poetry Day came around again with the theme of ‘Messages’ for 2016.

As ever, we each brought a poem to read and discuss, and many and varied they were. As well as classics such as The Sentry by Owen chosen by Mrs Richards, we had the immortal Do Not Go Gentle… by Dylan Thomas read by Mr Humphreys in his appropriate Welsh accent.


Intriguingly, from Nicola Evans we were treated to a German First World War poem, which she read in the original, and explained how it was from this combatant’s point of view that she’d gained a clearer perspective of the war from the German side. Jenny Recaldin recited Larkin’s This Be The Verse with no little relish, and also read one of her own compositions. Miss Handley introduced us to Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur and revisited Hilaire Belloc’s Rebecca, a favourite cautionary tale from her childhood.

To round things off, Sacha Eyles-Owen conjured up a reading of Out of the Blue, Eleanor from Year 7 read William Carlos Williams’ direct confessional This is Just to Say and Ms Huntley contributed from the wonderful collection Poetry by Heart, selecting  The God Abandons Antony by C.P. Cavafy and one of her favourite U.A. Fanthorpe’s poems.