Macbeth – Two Lit Soc Members Review An Oddly Jarring Performance

Shakespeare’s Globe – Summer 2016


Although a stunning performance from Ray Fearon as the titular King of Scotland, with enough vehemence, aggression and intensity to breathe fearful life into the tortured man, the play was unfortunately hindered by a disappointing and unsatisfying portrayal of Lady Macbeth from Tara Fitzgerald. Hardly the imperious and deranged creature who is ruined by her own ambition, this Lady was oddly comical and often jarring to the tone of the tragedy, sometimes confusing the audience as to whether we should remain on tenterhooks or be laughing at her delivery.

However, hardly a fault can be found with the stagecraft of the opening scene, containing enough dismembered limbs and skulls to satisfy even the most gruesome among us, and the interesting construction of the witches from this smattering of body parts allowing a truly eerie mood, further heightened by the beautiful Celtic-inspired vocals which must garner a special mention for being a brilliant creator of tone throughout the play.


  But, possibly the oddest element of the performance was a small child, clearly representative of Macbeth in some way, who wandered around the stage, breaking the fourth wall and without a particularly clear purpose or symbolic significance. Was he Macbeth’s soul? Was he a reflection of the troubled man’s innocence? Who knows! He may have been adorable, but he was one of many confusing directorial choices that caused bizarre tonal shifts throughout.

Overall, an enjoyable and entertaining piece certainly, but not a performance for those who love the darkness and desolation of a Shakespearean tragedy.


Nicola Evans & Jenny Recaldin

SHS Year 13


Featured photo courtesy of Iris Chung

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