Paying tribute to The Thin White Duke

The sad news of the seminal David Bowie’s death earlier this week from cancer could not go unnoticed by Lit Soc. A last-minute change of plans resulted in Mrs Madeleine King leading a wonderful session on all things Ziggy.


Clad in her souvenir T-shirt and lightning flash earrings, Mrs King treated us to a journey through her musical memories. Interspersing her anecdotes with tracks that spanned the entirety of his forty-plus year career, Mrs King shared her enthusiasm for the music, the lyrics and the five performances she was very fortunate to attend.

With staff choir in attendance as well, a party atmosphere – complete with ‘Let’s Party’ (sadly not ‘Let’s Dance’) cake – celebrated the Goblin King in fine style. And for those who think there was no literary input, see this list for Bowie’s top 100 must-read books.


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