Tanzania – Return in 2018

Last summer, we completed a library for the KYGN School in Tanzania, a project that was some two years in the making. It was a wonderful experience for the 14 girls involved,  many of whom described it as ‘life changing’.

It was such a moving and affecting experience, and we decided that we couldn’t make our trip there a ‘one and done’ deal, as there clearly was more we could do to help the children of KYGN. As such, it was decided very soon after our return that we would return again.

We have confirmed that we will return to KYGN in 2018. The library building is complete, but books are still needed, and we also want to develop it as a space too, meaning much of our efforts will be focused there. However, we do also want to help with teaching and learning at the School, and a lot of our efforts will be focused on planning lessons and developing resources in line with the Tanzanian curriculum. Our team of girls going to Tanzania in 2018 will be getting stuck in to this when we return after the upcoming summer break.

Our Year 9-11 girls, heading to Tanzania in 2018

We are also still very much involved in fundraising, and are sponsoring Primary Three, one of the classes at the KYGN School. Our crack team of Year 7-8 girls are taking ownership of raising the money required here and both they, and the older girls visiting Tanzania, have chosen a pen pal from the Primary Three class to write to. They have already written to us, so it’s now our turn to write back to them!

Our team of Year 7-8 superstars!

In the coming weeks, the Year 7-8 girls will be going to Foyles Bookshop in London to select some new books for the library, and the expedition girls will be beginning their training for their upcoming trip. Exciting times lie ahead!