Christmas Reads

With the festive season upon us, our thoughts are inevitably turning to what to read over the Christmas Holidays.

If you’re in need of a few recommendations over what to read, you could do worse than check out the recommended reading lists we’ve produced and which are available on the library page of the school website. These recommendations are categorised by genre, making it very easy indeed for you to find the right story for you.

Yesterday, Mr Edmonds brought his Year 9 English class in to the library, where they were encouraged and inspired to try their hand at some wider reading.


Armed with copies of the Year 9 and 10 reading guide, the girls compiled a wish list of interesting looking books based on the genres that held the most appeal to them. They then scoured the shelves, before returning to write a wish list to Santa, with the hope of seeing the books they asked for appear in their stockings on Christmas morning.

It was great to see a truly diverse range of choices, with girls definitely stepping out of their Hunger Games/Harry Potter/insert wildly popular YA title here comfort zones. Choices ranged from classic tales such as 1984 and Wuthering Heights, to books by lesser known but high quality YA authors such as Nicola Morgan, Paul Dowswell and Phil Earle.

So what will you be reading over Christmas? If you need some help in finding a book that will turn the pages of your imagination, that will make you think and feel in ways you may never have felt before, or will simply mae you fall in love with reading all over again, then do pop down to the library. We have a Recommended Christmas Reads card on the library counter that we would love for some people to sign as well.

Merry Christmas everyone!