Six Strategies for Effective Learning

This is a collection of posters that summarise findings form cognitive psychology as to how students best learn.

You will see that much of the advice overlaps or dovetails really nicely with our work on Learning Habits.

You are free to download and display these posters if you wish. My thanks to Oliver Caviglioli for producing these posters and making them available free of charge.


Tap or click the links below to download posters detailing each of the six strategies:

Visit The Learning Scientists  to find out more about applying the principles of cognitive psychology to teaching and learning.

Getting started with OneDrive

Office 365

As a member of the Surbiton High School community you have access to the complete suite of Office 365 tools. To sign in to each of the apps, simply use your School email address and your School network password (the same one you use to log on to the computers).



OneDrive Online storage for all your personal files. Think memory stick, without actually having to carry a memory stick.

Follow me in this slideshow for help on how to activate OneDrive. Do this first!

In summary:

You will need to activate your OneDrive space before it can be accessed by the OneDrive apps. To activate OneDrive, you will need to open a browser window and go to – logging in with your School email address and network password. You will then arrive at the Office 365 screen with a number of options, one of which is OneDrive. Click this and it will get your OneDrive ready. After a short while, it will then show the OneDrive in your web browser window. Once that shows, it should subsequently be accessible using the OneDrive app on your iPad.

You can also install Office 365 for free in up to five other devices (your home desktop or laptop computers, for example) and access the whole suite of tools via a web browser via this address .

Microsoft_Word_on_the_App_StoreWord Write: view and edit word documents.


Microsoft_PowerPoint_on_the_App_StorePowerPoint: Create, view and edit presentations.


Microsoft_Excel_on_the_App_StoreExcel: Create, view and edit spreadsheets.


Microsoft_OneNote_–_lists__photos__and_notes__organized_in_a_notebook_on_the_App_StoreOneNote: Your digital notebook.


Office_Sway_on_the_App_StoreSway: A wonderful alternative to the old PowerPoint. Create and share presentations online.

What makes an effective middle leader?

A newly published report analyses what makes a great middle leader in schools. Below is an extract from the LKMco website about the report:

The report analyses middle leaders’ effectiveness, how they go about their role and what helps and hinders them in their job. The report is based on three sets of data. First we analysed data from English, Maths and Science departments that were headed by Teaching Leaders Fellows and compared their departments’ performance to the rest of the school.

To read more, follow this link.

Tap or click here to download the report in full.

Digital Learning Spaces Update

The video, above, highlights current best practice with the digital learning spaces. Students whose subjects use the DLS to deliver content and/or resources frequently feed back how useful they find the DLS both in lessons and for revision.

The DLA receives an average of around 700 visits per day, often more than that and, frequently, in the evening and at weekends, see below:


If you would like to discuss using the DLS to deliver topic-based content (or indeed in any other way) please do not hesitate to get in touch with me or Tessa.