Like Ivy











Sulking up the crumbling archway

Of your heart,

Like deranged ivy

That’s Mellow and humane in facade

But below the surface

Tearing infrastructure limb

By limb.


Malicious intent of that fluorescent chlorophyll

concealed, masked by

Dewy leaves,

A distraction from the labyrinth

of roots, below


Forceful now

Tightening stems, mirroring barbed wire

Restricting – with every struggle

Sharp edged like



Garden walls –

That provided enough warmth for comfort –

Torn down, by vicious creepers.

Only rubble remains in

As icy and distant as your will

To resist the tug of hateful weeds.


And now, you’re gone


under the soulless soil.

Your body

The shovel for your grave

It wasn’t the ivy that pulled you

Under it was you who

Let it fester






image: ‘a labyrinth of roots’ from a strangler fig

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