In effortless spirals, the petals

of the sakura send aromatic trails

in their whistling wake.

Swift pieces of eternity flutter

and glide on the wind’s caress,

yet for only fleeting seconds.


those twisted trunks of dark umber

line the picket-fence pathways;

how they sang silver-tongued fantasies

to sunlit lovers living fake fairytales.

in hour-like moments, that bittersweet breath

whispers and echoes; a descent from clouds

subtle and shortlived.


Do you remember these petals?

this lullaby breeze?

With childlike innocence,

budding branches followed our dancing steps,

perfect blooms swayed with our laughter.

At ease, we wandered

through canopies of dusky rose,

blissful in Nature’s embrace.

When sunlight touched those star-shaped blossoms,

we could see right through them.

Now, I can see right through you.


Nostalgia is my companion,

as I trace our footsteps, long gone from the path,

alone with the flawless flowers.

But the memories that wind around

their voiceless royalty

are thorns that sting and strike,

your absence burning fresh in my heart.


Like shadows over the sun, this untainted scene

becomes lifeless, grey; I see faults

in the faultless.

Do you remember these sakura trees?

or, like you to me:

do they look so pretty,

but are gone so soon?





image: cherries, torn open, hearts removed

courtesy of



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