What I’d Taken











If art is human expression

You were a masterpiece.

Marble skin with a sculpted  confession

Of lust, love,

Or whatever it was,

I just wanted it preserved.

To expose, shutter speed

Slowed– needing what

I’d observed to develop

In the dark, alone.


Pointing this medusa lens

I watched you

Stiffen in chiselled defence;

Wanting to form a future

Instead of being frozen in film.

I realised I’d been mistaken.

You cannot capture muted

Expressions without stopping

Life’s progression. So I returned

What I’d taken.


And when the dying light changed

You led me to stone.

In that composed cemetery

Stood a grave, engraved with

A name like your own.

Enshrining the memory of

Your Loving Father

A man I only observe

In scattered photos

And erect stone.


I saw that this was why

You refused to be

Memorialised in moments.

Always moving

To keep his art alive.

And as you turned from

Profile with that smile,

You proved your father hadn’t

Been contained in a frame.


He lives on in this animated image of you.




image courtesy of https://leesmathersphotography.files.wordpress.com

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