Monochrome Heart-throb











He’s a rag doll- a patchwork of a thousand scraps.

Short and wispish thin as the smoke his nostrils reek

His blood thick with nicotine and irony,

Oozing through ashen lungs- his mottled, wonderful brain.


You can tell from his fringe he’s into punk- thudding and screeching and magnificently loud.

Coal black jeans cling to elvin legs.

Tiger teeth glint, bared, poised to unleash chaos


He is dwarfed by a second-hand leather jacket, two sizes too big,

But he wears it as a badge of indifference-

Proud of his petal-soft cheeks against the oily crack of his armour,

Like a moody rhino with a fag.


His eyes are gravestones sheeted in frozen dewdrops

But sitting in the November nighttime the Dog Star flashes in them,

Through the boozy haze all his body is celestial, totally clear in his nonchalance,

Escaping humanity in the joints that stain his fingernails.




One thought on “Monochrome Heart-throb

  1. I absolutely love this! Reminds me of when I used to have several rock idols and play “the Jets” and Nirvana on loop 🙂

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