Dawn transcends scarlet hue,

Rays of autumnal mist and frozen sun

Shimmer through tender cloud to crown me in ruby

Halo. Lifting mahogany lid, I sit at the piano with you.


Interlaced in reverberations of rusting strings,

DNA entwines chords and scales: binding

Your jigsaw existence together

Into fragile figure with celestial, ivory wings.


From the frosted pane, propped so slightly ajar,

Hubbub rouses static void.

Vibrant resonances of life diffuse monochrome

Vacancy: aggravating my un-healed scar.


Quavers pirouette across this coffee stained score

Like elegant Flamenca, dazzling in balmy Seville

Heat thaws my agonised memories – our summer nights breathe afresh.

In ink-blotted paper you flourish, evermore.


Minor tone morphs into divine chromosome.

We play on, translucent and opaque –

Reunited in melodious disorientation.

I live for these brief moments when I can bring you home.


You recoil with all my fears

Like a dormant mine buried in the dingy

Crater of my mind. This creaking, wooden stool

Cannot bear the burden of your lost years.


Upon the final chord, we let go.

Twirling like paper, you drift away on blissful breeze

Voyaging into unknown – whilst I crumple

One foot on the pedal, extending your echo





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