World Book Day Awards Competition

How would you like to try and win £10,000 worth of books for our Junior libraries?

Can you come up with a really creative way of showing “Why We Can’t Live Without Books”?

The organisers of World Book Day Awards 2015 have come up with this competition and you can find more information on their website

Some ideas suggested by the organisers include:

MAKE a model, a book, a film trailer

PERFORM a play, a song, a dance

WRITE a rap, a poem, a story, a news article

CREATE a mural, a display, some artwork, a big poster

Please either hand your entry, or email images, or file to Ms Hawkins, who is co ordinating the school’ s entry to this exciting competition. Who knows, we may be lucky enough to win one of the £10,000, £5,000 or £3,000 prizes! Ms Hawkins will also be judging all the entries sent in, awarding school prizes, so make sure you get your entry in by Monday 26 January 2015!

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