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Reading Together  is a Parents’ Guide is intended to support parents reading at home with children.  This also contains some useful sources of reading lists and recommendations and should be used in conjunction with our reading lists.

We have compiled a set of Reading Lists loosely by genre and showing a progression from about the average Year 3 to Year 6 reader, containing some of the books we would recommend children to read.  There is a brief summary of the genre, along with the title and author.  There is an indication where we feel that a given book would be regarded as a challenging read for the average reader in a particular year group, with a key to this at the end of each page. We have also endeavoured to show where these may be used in School as core texts within the English curriculum.  These lists are by no means exhaustive and we will be updating and adding to them over the course of time.

Please note that the guide and lists are not in any way prescriptive or compulsory, but aimed at encouraging and exploring a broad range of fiction, both classic and more recent.  If you have any recommendations or comments about the content of these lists, please do not hesitate to add a comment or contact Ms Hawkins directly.

You can find the Reading Guide and the Reading Lists here:

Reading Guides

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