Steam and Sulphur

Beautiful snow today – a great setting for our next activity. We visited an Icelandic school and made friends with pupils (who had impeccable English).


The inside was lovely and warm, and they even had a theatre room (we were very jealous)!

We ended nicely with a short walk with the school up to the hot springs nearby – needless to say we took lots of group photos!


After the school visit, we headed to see some geysers where there were many hot springs that were at about 100 degrees C. One spouted out a thick cloud of steam and sulphur every 5 minutes. It stank of rotten eggs!

Despite the freezing cold weather we were able to take many extraordinary photos of these hot springs.

Deep snow!
The next stop was this spectacular waterfall named the Golden Falls.
While we couldn’t go down to the side of the falls, we clearly understood well – the snow was so deep we saw a bench buried up to the seat! The view was enough to entice several impromptu selfies by its side.

The last activities of the day were two different views of the valley between the American and European tectonic plates. Crossing the bridge was enjoyable as we got to hop in-between!

The streams and pools in Iceland are a beautiful blue colour.

Coins thrown into the water (pollution, tut tut)
Ruohan and Natasha


Iceland? No, Niceland!

First off today we went to an Icelandic school which was really cool! We met some lovely people and they all spoke English really well.

They all had on point eyebrows. We played in the snow with them and while all us British people were waddling around in like 50 layers all the natives were just in tshirts. It was crazy, to be honest I think they were showing off – no one can be warm in that without thermals.


One of the girls we went around with was really good at singing and somehow we all ended up singing Uptown Funk.

We went for a walk with them and they had some geysers right next to there school which was mental. After that we went and saw more geysers – it was seriously beautiful.

Next we went to The Golden Circle and saw a massive geyser that shot up water 20 meters high – it was so cool.


We the saw Gullfoss, Golden Falls, that had lots of mini waterfalls within, it was breathtaking and probably our favourite thing that we have seen.


The next thing we saw was the point where the Eurasian tectonic Plate meets the American plate which was amazing, technically we have been to America.

We are having so much fun!


We miss you guys, you’d love it here you’ll be saying “YOU SHOULD HAVE TAKEN MEE” when you see the pictures.
See you soon, Frankie and Laura x

Broom broom went the bus on the way to Iceland school
People shaking, the weather was very cool
Chatter chatter the children chattered
Conversation was on fire
But the weather outside was dire
Crunch crunch the boots on the snow
Making snowballs on the down low
Saying bye now
To our new Icelandic friends
This journey never ends.

Poem by laura murphy and Auriel franklin –

“Iceland? No, Niceland. ”



Half sisters?