On the third day

Sunday 15th February

On our third day, we were woken up at 7.00 and headed to breakfast at 8.00. After a filling breakfast we headed off to our first stop of the day. We went to see a short video about the volcano that erupted in 2010. It was really interesting to hear the farmers, who were affected by the eruptions, and their point of view.


Next we stopped at a huge waterfall, where we got soaked by the mist coming off the plunge pool. There was a really pretty rainbow on the surface of the water. We then climbed up the steps next to the waterfall to see the view from the top of the waterfall, this was really tiring and extremely windy.


Our next activity was glacier hiking. We got off the bus and were greeted by our instructors. We got on all our gear, and started to walk, which included alot of falling over and sliding around, it was a very long and tiring walk to the glacier, but it was worth it because it was beautiful.


We briefly stopped off at the black beach, as it was getting dark. It was really really really cold and windy and the water was really choppy.

At our last stop at the service station, all us girls ran into the shop like crazy people. Everyone in there was judging us as we bought so many snacks but we didn’t care because we wanted chocolate.

We’re looking forward to supper and having a good night sleep.


Issy Jarrett and Millie Hogarth


Fiery eruptions and Icy crevasses


In the morning, we went to see a short film about a farm that was near the volcano that erupted in 2010. We learnt lots about the effects on the local community and even how it affected people on a global scale. We also got to see the farm which featured in the film- we took a group photo outside.



We then went to a waterfall called “Skogarfoss” where the water from the waterfall and the sun shining caused a rainbow to form. We climbed all the way to the top of the waterfall which was tiring but the view was unforgettable. We could even see the rain falling from the clouds miles away.

We then ate a lunch that we prepared earlier at breakfast. Then we travelled for 15 minutes to the glacier walking centre. The weather wasn’t very good as it started to hail and the wind was very fast. We put on helmets and a harness and grabbed crampons and ice picks. We walked for half an hour up hills and over snow and ice to reach the top of the glacier entrance.


When we reached the top the view was astounding and was well worth the uphill climb. We were then taught how to attach the crampons to our boots and then started our glacier walk. The awful weather has mostly stopped by this point but it was still a bit chilly. Our guides told us where to walk so we wouldn’t fall while telling us funny stories and myths.

After we had walked around the glaciers a few times we had the chance to climb inside a part of the glacier which was amazing to see all the thick layers of ice. However, after a couple of hours we had to walk down the glacier and then go back down the valleys which took around half an hour.

When we finished at the glacier we all got on the bus and then travelled to the black beach. Unfortunately it was pretty cold but we all decided to go and have a look at the Atlantic; when we got down to the beach the waves were incredible- they were massive (the photo does not do it justice).


By this time we were all feeling very peckish and so we were allowed to stop off at a service station and stock up on snacks (the highlight of everyone’s day).