Day 4: Soft Woollens and Historic Sewing

This morning we woke up to the lovely warmth of our cabin in the woods.
We were woken up at 7:30 and went over to breakfast at 8:00. The breakfast was amazing; there were waffles, bacon, sausages, porridge, hot chocolate, and a huge variety of fruit and cereals. Once we had finished breakfast and had got ready, we were on the road.

But unfortunately we were told that because of the terrible turn on the weather we are not able to go for our three hour glacier hike. We were all hugely disappointed but are not going to let it ruin our day.

We then went to a wool factory where we could buy some souvenirs and look at how they produce wool in Iceland from the sheep they own. Inside there were so many soft woolly coats and jumpers but no-one bought any as they were really expensive.

However, lots of us did buy souvenirs! There was also a service station there where we could buy some snacks to keep us going. We even saw a troll which are very special and respected in Iceland.


Following on from this stop, we came to Reynisfjara – ‘The Black Beach’. Our tour guide told us that at this beach there are huge waves which can pull people out to seaand are very dangerous. It was really windy but very enjoyable at the same time.

Mr Bird told us that if we got into a rowing boat and just rowed southwest across the sea, then the first area of land we would reach would be England! It was really fun and we were able to keep sheltered by a huge rock which was ‘picture perfect’!



Soon after our trip to the beach we went to see a short film about a farm built right by the glacier, Eyafjallajökull. The film showed us real footage from the eruption inside of the volcano under this glacier and how the people living there all came together to rebuild the farm and to overcome this horrific eruption. The film was very interesting and really engaging because it informed us of what exactly happened.

Then we went to see another waterfall, Sjelandsfoss, which was just a few metres lower than the Skagorfoss waterfall. There was a huge amount of ice covering the majority of the ground surrounding the waterfall, so everyone was slipping and sliding around the place which was hilarious! The wind and rain was very powerful but didn’t stop us from enjoying every minute of the waterfall!

Once we got back on the bus we went to the Saga Centre. We learnt all about how the people lived around the Medieval Times and we even had the opportunity to sew a bit of a new tapestry called ‘The Njal’s Saga Tapestry’ which is in the making! Once completed, it will be 90metres long depicting the best known and most popular of the Icelandic sagas. We found out that the aim of the tapestry is to create another dimension to the existing saga that will have great significance in tourism and the local community. It will also honour Njal’s saga and show respect to traditional craftsmanship.


We also learnt about old typewriters too!

Now we are going back to Selfoss Gesthus (our accommodation) and are going to go in the hot-tubs after a long and hard day!

Speak to you soon!
Maddie and Rosie