Godan dagin!

Tuesday 17th February 2015
Godan dagin (good day!)
Today we woke up at 7 to see even more snow had fallen over night!

We had breakfast at 8 and even though we were not able to have pancakes on Shrove Tuesday we did have some delicious waffles!

At 9 we headed off to an Icelandic school called Hveragerde, they were very friendly and very good at English and gave us a detailed tour of their school.
We had fun seeing all the different classrooms and the differences between their school and ours.
They were very welcoming and friendly towards us and continued to impress us with their variety of English vocabulary.
Once we had seen their school we had a big snowball fight, England vs Iceland (obviously England won) and then we went for a walk to visit the hot springs.

They were really beautiful and the Icelandic students knew a lot of information on them. It was a lot of fun and a great experience.

At 12 o’clock we left the school to head for the golden circle tour which we were all looking forward to. It was very pretty and full of interesting scenery.
At 2:00 we left for the golden falls. It was amazing, we all enjoyed taking photos of it and with it.
By Becca and Charlotte 😀


Trivia hot tub 4



The girls have been honing their woodworking skills:

if you find that wood begins to crack, rub it down with a cooked potato. Top tip.


image image




Iceland? No, Niceland!

First off today we went to an Icelandic school which was really cool! We met some lovely people and they all spoke English really well.

They all had on point eyebrows. We played in the snow with them and while all us British people were waddling around in like 50 layers all the natives were just in tshirts. It was crazy, to be honest I think they were showing off – no one can be warm in that without thermals.


One of the girls we went around with was really good at singing and somehow we all ended up singing Uptown Funk.

We went for a walk with them and they had some geysers right next to there school which was mental. After that we went and saw more geysers – it was seriously beautiful.

Next we went to The Golden Circle and saw a massive geyser that shot up water 20 meters high – it was so cool.


We the saw Gullfoss, Golden Falls, that had lots of mini waterfalls within, it was breathtaking and probably our favourite thing that we have seen.


The next thing we saw was the point where the Eurasian tectonic Plate meets the American plate which was amazing, technically we have been to America.

We are having so much fun!


We miss you guys, you’d love it here you’ll be saying “YOU SHOULD HAVE TAKEN MEE” when you see the pictures.
See you soon, Frankie and Laura x

Broom broom went the bus on the way to Iceland school
People shaking, the weather was very cool
Chatter chatter the children chattered
Conversation was on fire
But the weather outside was dire
Crunch crunch the boots on the snow
Making snowballs on the down low
Saying bye now
To our new Icelandic friends
This journey never ends.

Poem by laura murphy and Auriel franklin –

“Iceland? No, Niceland. ”



Half sisters?





Crystals on black velvet

Day 4
We had to wake up early this morning, but the breakfast was great. There was a vast amount of food that we could choose from, today we had to leave Hotel Laki and we will really miss the sensational pillows.


We went to an amazing glacier lagoon and a black beach full of ice stones.


It was beautiful!


Although it was sooooo cold and extremely windy, but worth the visit and the photos !!! We took lots of photos here.
Tonight we are at our new hotel with cute wooden wendy house chalets in Selfoss and there has been a huge amount of snow that is covering everywhere.

We had hot tubs and it was really cosy with us all in them.


Issy and Georgia xx