Day 7: Library Voices At The Lagoon

This morning we got up at 7.15am and had a super healthy breakfast (pancakes with toffee sauce!), then finished packing (?) and headed off for the Blue Lagoon at 9.00am, sadly waving goodbye to the Dominos opposite our hotel. Everybody was having a jam to Ed Sheeran on the coach, which was great banter. The sun rose during the journey, and the skies were tinted pink! ??



Then it started raining/hailing outside the bus and everyone was weirded out by the noise that suddenly appeared. ?

After that, we arrived at the blue lagoon (we had to use ‘library voices’) and we had to tie our hair back otherwise our hair would be seriously dry from the silica ?. The building was really cool and modern and we had to use these cool wristband thingys that gave us entry, opened and locked our lockers and scanned our payment! It was really hot in the lagoon but it was really relaxing and we used a mud mask which is supposedly helpful to skin conditions. Overall the lagoon was really cool and relaxing ?.


After visiting the viking museum, we watched the teachers taking a selfie. ?


We then headed off to the airport to go home! #wewillmissyouiceland #homesweethomeherewecome ?✈️?

Anusha and Elsa xx

Hot Tub Trivia Episode 5


Iceland was settled by the Vikings in 874, when the first pair, Ingolfur Arnarson and Hallveig Fródadóttir, landed. Ingolfur was a religious man – a devout paganist – and had carried aboard his ship two large boards carved with images of the Norse gods.

As they approached the shore of this new land Ingolfur threw his two blessed boards into the sea in the belief that the gods would better decide than him the prime spot at which to settle.

They eventually found the boards in a bay surrounded by a geothermal area where the ground spewed up steam and smoke – it was thus named Smoky Bay, or ‘Reykjavik’.