Day 7: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Going home –

We arrived at the airport after sadly saying goodbye to Bryndis and Cathan on the coach. We checked in our bags are went through passport control, after which we split up and headed for duty free (running to buy as much chocolate as possible).

After we all met up together again at our gate, we boarded the plane and set off for home! Although we have had such a great time during our trip, we are all very excited to come home and see our families! We have missed everyone back in England so much xx.

Thank you to all the teachers for supervising and organising our trip and helping to make it so interesting and exciting.

Thank you to all of them for making our Icelandic experience so fantastic!

We will miss you lots, Bryndis! ‘Okei, Bae!’

Thank you so much for all of your facts; we learnt so many new things! I’m sure we all can’t wait until you come to England to see us again!

Thank you to everyone that helped make this trip so great!

Goodbye Iceland and thank you for all the memories!

Cathy and Annabelle




Day 7: Unforgettable Highlights

We are now on the plane back home, already missing the snow and beautiful landscapes.


Overall, this trip has been amazing and one that I will never forget. We have experienced the stunning works of nature and Icelandic culture whilst making so many memories.

My favourite activities have been: visiting the geysers and waterfalls, horse-riding, seeing the black beach and swimming in the Blue Lagoon.

A major highlight of the trip was viewing the Northern Lights , it was magnificent and unforgettable even though it was very cold.

Many memories were made in Iceland: e.g at least once during the week we mistook Miss Nisbet for a student, singing on the coach in between activities, slipping on ice, a lot, and many more.

This experience has been brilliant and truly unforgettable. Thank you to all the teachers who made it possible.



Day 7: Reflections at 30,000 ft

We have all had a great week in Iceland where we learnt lots about the culture and we saw many amazing waterfalls, geysers and beautiful landscapes. After visiting the blue lagoon and viking museum we are now sitting on the plane after taking off an hour ago. We are all reflecting on the wonderful time we had in Iceland and how lucky we are to have experienced the true beauty of such an incredible country. We owe many thanks to the teachers and Bryndis who have given us so much information about Iceland making the trip very enjoyable! Also many thanks to our coach driver who drove us around Iceland even in slippery and snowy conditions!



Phoebe Mount and Ella Mackenzie

Day 7: Homeward Bound

At 6 o’clock, we are comfortably soaring high above the clouds and the ocean. I think it is safe to say that while we have had a wonderful and truly unique time in Iceland, it is great to be heading back home! Nearly everyone is watching and enjoying a film, (for me it is the Fault in our Stars⭐️!), and I think it is understandable that others are having a sleep after a long week! We can’t wait to come back to our families to enjoy the rest of our half-term holiday in our home country. See you soon!
Harriet Jones ?xx

Day 5: Tölting Through The Snow

Tuesday 16 February

Today we went to the Icelandic school in Hveragerdi to meet some Icelandic people our age. It was really interesting and we got to compare our different school lives. We looked around their school and then we went on a walk around the hot spring area. The scenery was beautiful and the girls and boys were so nice!





After lunch we went horse riding and rode around snowy Icelandic terrain in orange overalls.


We even used the 5th gait special to Icelandic horses called tölt.

Icelandic Horses

It was such a great experience as some of us had never ridden before.

Then we went swimming in a local pool which had diving boards and a hot tub which was perfect after a long ride.

Now we have had a short travel to Reykjavik to stay in a hotel and go out to a restaurant for dinner.

We have had great time seeing a host of new sights and doing really cool things but we are also looking forward to getting back and seeing you all.

Hope everything is well at home, see you soon!

Helene Davis and Amy Kimber

(Sorry Helene and Amy for omitting to post this sooner)

Day 7: Vast Viking Ships

This morning we went to the Blue Lagoon. We left our hotel in Reykjavik at 9 and arrived at the Lagoon by 10. The Lagoon was amazing. The steam from the water meant we couldn’t see far. We were able to have face masks made from mud which made us look like snowmen.

We then went to Viking World. There was a replica of a viking ship, and had lunch.




Now we are on our way to the airport to head home!!!

Lydia and Emma xx



Day 7: Sacred And Clean


We’ve decided that the architecture in Reykyavik is very modern and clean.

When we arrived at the Blue Lagoon we walked through a long mysterious pathway through the lava rocks with the rising sun warming our faces. The lagoon is like a large jacuzzi with the steam fogging up the view adding to the mysterious atmosphere.


It is very refreshing and face masks are available to rejuvenate your skin with sacred earth, the water is also very milky and unclear, so much so that you cannot see your legs in the water.

After bathing in the Lagoon we went to Vikingaheimar – a Viking museum – to look around and then to have lunch. Although they weren’t expecting us and we had to wait a little while ? – the bread was good.
There was a viking ship replica hanging from the ceiling which was very interesting to look around amd sit in, all in all a fantastic note to end the trip on ☀️☀️☀️☀️


Beth & Taya

Breathless in Reykjavik

Godan dagin!

So, do you remember how a few days ago we gave you a couple of peculiar Icelandic sayings and asked for your guesses? Well, you didn’t guess – at least not publicly – but we are not deterred.

The first saying was to be standing on a duck.

Well, in Icelandic the word for duck is the same word as for breath, so to be standing on a duck is to stand om your breath, which means to be breathless with surprise, or that something has taken your breath away!

And how about the raisin at the end of the hot dog?

I think we all struggled with this one here, and there were differing opinions of whether finding a raisin at the end of your hot dog would be a good or bad thing. The natives obviously deem it pleasant as the expression translates to The Best is Yet to Come!

And now you know, but we’ve still got more to do so… On with the Butter!

Takk takk

Hot Tub Trivia Episode 5


Iceland was settled by the Vikings in 874, when the first pair, Ingolfur Arnarson and Hallveig Fródadóttir, landed. Ingolfur was a religious man – a devout paganist – and had carried aboard his ship two large boards carved with images of the Norse gods.

As they approached the shore of this new land Ingolfur threw his two blessed boards into the sea in the belief that the gods would better decide than him the prime spot at which to settle.

They eventually found the boards in a bay surrounded by a geothermal area where the ground spewed up steam and smoke – it was thus named Smoky Bay, or ‘Reykjavik’.



Day 6: Don’t Hassle The Hofnin

This evening was our last night in Iceland and we celebrated with a fantastic meal down on the waterfront at the Hofnin restaurant. Spirits were high despite us all feeling very tired after a jam packed and adrenaline fuelled few days. Speeches were made, and a particular highlight came courtesy of Jess Batchelor who has been furiously scribbling away all day in preparation.

So here we go;

“Listen gang, hidden people and trolls, Batch is talking:

I am especially talking to: Mr Bird – Deer Hunter, Miss Nisbet – Go Pro expert, Ms Bennett- JB, forevs my main gal, Miss Handley – last minute life saver, Mr Gibbons – true Northern Lights watcher and Mrs Bowden, the best mum of the trip. Last but not least, Bryndis the best guide ever.
Even though we have annoyed you on the coach we really appreciate the amount of effort you have all put in to make this trip so special and so unforgetable. We couldn’t have asked for any better teachers and I mean your banter is top notch.

We have created so many memories on this trip, Bergin and Mundy for a start. The amount of stories Bryndis has told us will never get old. Even though sometimes you thought we weren’t listening, we really were. The embarrassment about 90% of us have faced after mistaking Miss Nisbet for one of us.

I am pretty sure this year topped last year seeing as we didn’t take any selfies on icebergs. Also Mr Gibbons, I think you should get that nervous twitch sorted out.

On a serious note though, this trip has been amazing and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Thanks to everyone; and Mrs Bowden, never go on a trip without waterproof mascara and never trust the Batch.”

A wonderful end to the trip of a lifetime!