Day 5: Tölting Through The Snow

Tuesday 16 February

Today we went to the Icelandic school in Hveragerdi to meet some Icelandic people our age. It was really interesting and we got to compare our different school lives. We looked around their school and then we went on a walk around the hot spring area. The scenery was beautiful and the girls and boys were so nice!





After lunch we went horse riding and rode around snowy Icelandic terrain in orange overalls.


We even used the 5th gait special to Icelandic horses called tölt.

Icelandic Horses

It was such a great experience as some of us had never ridden before.

Then we went swimming in a local pool which had diving boards and a hot tub which was perfect after a long ride.

Now we have had a short travel to Reykjavik to stay in a hotel and go out to a restaurant for dinner.

We have had great time seeing a host of new sights and doing really cool things but we are also looking forward to getting back and seeing you all.

Hope everything is well at home, see you soon!

Helene Davis and Amy Kimber

(Sorry Helene and Amy for omitting to post this sooner)

Day 5: Herdy Gerdy

Today, we woke up at 7:30 we ate our breakfast of waffles and quickly packed and tidied our cabins before we left. We took a quick drive to the Iceland school at Hveragerdi – or if it’s easier Herdy Gerdy – where we were made to socialise with them and ask about their Icelandic culture.
On the walk with the school


The school building


We went on a walk with the students and walked up to some geysers near their school. We next drove to the horse riding where we had lunch and split into 2 groups (in which we had advanced, intermediate, and beginners)

The first group put on helmets and some neon horse riding cover ups to keep us warm, were paired up with their horse, and set off on an hour ride with instructors. The second group went to a local heated outdoor pool with iced baths and hot tubs.
Then both the groups joined together and took the coach to the city of Reykjavic where we settled into our hotel and prepared for dinner at Potturin Restaurant.

5 days down, 2 days to go.

Josie G and Romy