Crystals on black velvet

Day 4
We had to wake up early this morning, but the breakfast was great. There was a vast amount of food that we could choose from, today we had to leave Hotel Laki and we will really miss the sensational pillows.


We went to an amazing glacier lagoon and a black beach full of ice stones.


It was beautiful!


Although it was sooooo cold and extremely windy, but worth the visit and the photos !!! We took lots of photos here.
Tonight we are at our new hotel with cute wooden wendy house chalets in Selfoss and there has been a huge amount of snow that is covering everywhere.

We had hot tubs and it was really cosy with us all in them.


Issy and Georgia xx


Awesome icebergs


We woke up at 6:45 in Hotel Laki to a deliciousbreakfast and plenty of snow outside! We then embarked on a 1 hour 30 minute coach journey to the glacial lagoon.

As the bus arrived at the glacial lagoon, everyone onboard was in awe of the icebergs and mountains that dominated the landscape.



We slowly got off the bus and we then parted as some went to see everything close up and some climbed to the top to see everything at once.

It was beautiful (although it was a grey sky it was amazing to see the contrast between land and above).

All of us proceeded to buy doughnuts and other souveniers at the tiny shop.


We the rolled up at the national park were we watched a 20 minute video about the flora and fauna of Iceland.

After this, we discovered the conditions were too windy and icy to visit the black waterfall so we proceeded to drive to our hotel… This took FOUR HOURS although it wasn’t bad as we thought as we stopped for some tasty snacks while getting attacked by the wind at a service station 2 hours away.

The highlight of the day was when Imogen pulled Kitty and Emma down a hill of snow (located in front of a spectacular waterfall) which resulted in a mini avalanche.

-Kitty and Imogen


Waterfalls, glaciers and brownies

Sunday 15.02.2015

The day started off very early as we had a lot to do.
First we watched an interesting video about a family coping with the 2010 Icelandic eruption. Then we drove to a huge waterfall where we walked up lots of stairs and saw it from above.




Afterwards we went on a glacier hike which was very chilly but the views were fantastic.

Just when we thought the day was over, we stopped off at an amazing black beach. It was a quick stop but was still enjoyable.

Finally we arrived at Hotel Laki where we’re going to stay here for one night. The dinner was good but the brownies looked better than they tasted.


Fran and Flossie