Day 7: Library Voices At The Lagoon

This morning we got up at 7.15am and had a super healthy breakfast (pancakes with toffee sauce!), then finished packing (?) and headed off for the Blue Lagoon at 9.00am, sadly waving goodbye to the Dominos opposite our hotel. Everybody was having a jam to Ed Sheeran on the coach, which was great banter. The sun rose during the journey, and the skies were tinted pink! ??



Then it started raining/hailing outside the bus and everyone was weirded out by the noise that suddenly appeared. ?

After that, we arrived at the blue lagoon (we had to use ‘library voices’) and we had to tie our hair back otherwise our hair would be seriously dry from the silica ?. The building was really cool and modern and we had to use these cool wristband thingys that gave us entry, opened and locked our lockers and scanned our payment! It was really hot in the lagoon but it was really relaxing and we used a mud mask which is supposedly helpful to skin conditions. Overall the lagoon was really cool and relaxing ?.


After visiting the viking museum, we watched the teachers taking a selfie. ?


We then headed off to the airport to go home! #wewillmissyouiceland #homesweethomeherewecome ?✈️?

Anusha and Elsa xx

Hot Tub Trivia Episode Four

It is a truth universally acknowledged that one should not travel without something sensational to read as Oscar and Jane once quipped. But taking into account that Iceland publishes the greatest number of books per capita in the world and the literacy rate is 100%, anyone forgetting to pack one in their suitcases is in luck. Iceland is a land rich with stories and sagas, and has provided the inspiration for many popular novels and poems.


Snæfellsjökull is a mountain that we were lucky enough to glimpse on the very first day of our journey, and it is one of Iceland’s most well known sites. The French writer Jules Verne chose this location as the point at which the main characters in his sci-if novel Journey To The Centre Of The Earth enter the earth itself, and with it being a prominent volcano in the Land of Ice and Fire it is easy to see why.

– Miss Handley

Day 5: School Saga

We arrived at the Icelandic school in Hveragerdi to lots of welcoming teachers and students and were given little tours around the school. I found the children really kind and relatable on so many levels and later we joined them on a short, refreshing walk.

On the way back we made a stop in their little greenhouses, where it was interesting to see the exotic range of plants that they were able to grow, quoting it as ‘winter outside and summer inside’. It was sad to say goodbye so quickly, as we had arranged to have lunch before horse riding.

image image

After a relaxing lunch in a hotel next the the stables, we walked down to the horses to get ready in our waterproof orange overalls? then everyone got on their horses, some for first time, (including me!!) and we rode for an hour, the surroundings were stunning too. After this we went to the swimming pool and it was nice to warm up in the hot tub!

By Gabriella B and Josie H