Trivia Hot Tub

Horses were first brought to Iceland by the Vikings who settled the country in 874-930.


For nine centuries no other horses have been brought to Iceland, now there is only one breed of horse in Iceland, the Icelandic horse – the purest breed in the world.

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icelandic horse colours include: blaze, buckskin, cremello, glass-eyed, liver, smutty and ´with eel’ (stripe on its back)




Wet and Windy

Saturday 14th- Hestheimar Horse Farm
On the second day we had an early start and headed to breakfast 7:45. Our first activities were woodcrafting and knitting. In knitting we learnt how to make a headband and a butter knife in woodcrafting. Both activities lasted for one hour and a half.
Shortly after we had lunch. It was meat soup with some icelandic bread. We set off to our next hotel called Hestheimar. It was a 2 hour drive from our last destination. The weather changed from very rainy to sheets of snow with heavy wind storms.

There was a room of 21 and 3 rooms of two with another room of 8. This is half the group in the hot tub.


We are looking forward to horse riding which is our next activity. (Millie has been talking about horse riding for the last 2 months)


Caitlin S and Georgia M