Trivia Hot Tub 2

The ice of Solheimajokull glacier is 400-600 years old.

The glacier receded 78 metres last year.

The ice cap welcomes 20-30 metres of snow each winter.

Ice caps presently cover approximately 11% of the area of Iceland.

Fox’s glacier mints are not made from Icelandic glaciers.






Waterfalls, glaciers and brownies

Sunday 15.02.2015

The day started off very early as we had a lot to do.
First we watched an interesting video about a family coping with the 2010 Icelandic eruption. Then we drove to a huge waterfall where we walked up lots of stairs and saw it from above.




Afterwards we went on a glacier hike which was very chilly but the views were fantastic.

Just when we thought the day was over, we stopped off at an amazing black beach. It was a quick stop but was still enjoyable.

Finally we arrived at Hotel Laki where we’re going to stay here for one night. The dinner was good but the brownies looked better than they tasted.


Fran and Flossie