Raves in the Caves



Caving? Raving
Atleast that’s what it feels like
Crawling? Bawling
Cause sometimes it hurts
Ice? Not so nice
Sliding all around
Stalactites? Stalagmites?
They seem the same
But are quite different
Like the name
We’re sorry you missed it Laura
But we will not forget
The memories of Iceland
That we won’t regret



Spoken Word by auriel, holly, flora


Rollin          patrollin           through them caves – Laura




sore knees and numb bums

18th Feb (day 6)

We were looking forward to caving all week, and today we finally did it!

We were all quite nervous but pretty excited as none of us had ever been in a lava tube before. The tube was over 2000 years old and was formed as lava pushed its way through the rock when the volcano erupted.

First up we had to dig our way into the cave as it was filled with snow from the night before! (So we had a snowman competition while we waited) Then we slid down the short snow slide into the first part of the cave.
The inside of the cave was filled with beautiful icicles And we couldn’t help but touch.

We squeezed through tiny gaps and stood in massive openings- resulting in sore knees and numb bums which wasn’t so much fun.

Our guide missed a turn so we had to go back in some places, but all together we loved it.

It was such an amazing experience and we would happily go back anyday!
By Tessa and Caitlin

image image

Journeys End


Today we went on a cave tour which was a lava tube that was formed after a volcano eruption 2000 years ago.

We were all very nervous because we were worried about the small tight spaces but when we saw the snow slide which we had to dig out we were all ready to explore the cave.

The snow slide lead us into an opening in the cave which caused sore and wet bums. Once everyone was in the cave we were surrounded by an army of icicles (luckly we weren’t impailed like Olaf in frozen).

We had to crouch low and crawl on our bellies and backs, and our knees were very sore. However our surroundings were truly inspiring.

Unfortunately our guide forgot to turn left which resulted in a dropped phone and a lost battery.

By this time we had a biology lesson underground (Miss Woollen insisted on this under threat with an icicle).

After all this trauma we got our own back and threatened to tell her about Season 11 of Grey’s Anatomy.

Once we got out of the cave, we stretched out and had snowball competitions.


By Daisy, Harriet and Caitlin