sore knees and numb bums

18th Feb (day 6)

We were looking forward to caving all week, and today we finally did it!

We were all quite nervous but pretty excited as none of us had ever been in a lava tube before. The tube was over 2000 years old and was formed as lava pushed its way through the rock when the volcano erupted.

First up we had to dig our way into the cave as it was filled with snow from the night before! (So we had a snowman competition while we waited) Then we slid down the short snow slide into the first part of the cave.
The inside of the cave was filled with beautiful icicles And we couldn’t help but touch.

We squeezed through tiny gaps and stood in massive openings- resulting in sore knees and numb bums which wasn’t so much fun.

Our guide missed a turn so we had to go back in some places, but all together we loved it.

It was such an amazing experience and we would happily go back anyday!
By Tessa and Caitlin

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Wet and Windy

Saturday 14th- Hestheimar Horse Farm
On the second day we had an early start and headed to breakfast 7:45. Our first activities were woodcrafting and knitting. In knitting we learnt how to make a headband and a butter knife in woodcrafting. Both activities lasted for one hour and a half.
Shortly after we had lunch. It was meat soup with some icelandic bread. We set off to our next hotel called Hestheimar. It was a 2 hour drive from our last destination. The weather changed from very rainy to sheets of snow with heavy wind storms.

There was a room of 21 and 3 rooms of two with another room of 8. This is half the group in the hot tub.


We are looking forward to horse riding which is our next activity. (Millie has been talking about horse riding for the last 2 months)


Caitlin S and Georgia M