Day 7: Unforgettable Highlights

We are now on the plane back home, already missing the snow and beautiful landscapes.


Overall, this trip has been amazing and one that I will never forget. We have experienced the stunning works of nature and Icelandic culture whilst making so many memories.

My favourite activities have been: visiting the geysers and waterfalls, horse-riding, seeing the black beach and swimming in the Blue Lagoon.

A major highlight of the trip was viewing the Northern Lights , it was magnificent and unforgettable even though it was very cold.

Many memories were made in Iceland: e.g at least once during the week we mistook Miss Nisbet for a student, singing on the coach in between activities, slipping on ice, a lot, and many more.

This experience has been brilliant and truly unforgettable. Thank you to all the teachers who made it possible.



Day 7: Library Voices At The Lagoon

This morning we got up at 7.15am and had a super healthy breakfast (pancakes with toffee sauce!), then finished packing (?) and headed off for the Blue Lagoon at 9.00am, sadly waving goodbye to the Dominos opposite our hotel. Everybody was having a jam to Ed Sheeran on the coach, which was great banter. The sun rose during the journey, and the skies were tinted pink! ??



Then it started raining/hailing outside the bus and everyone was weirded out by the noise that suddenly appeared. ?

After that, we arrived at the blue lagoon (we had to use ‘library voices’) and we had to tie our hair back otherwise our hair would be seriously dry from the silica ?. The building was really cool and modern and we had to use these cool wristband thingys that gave us entry, opened and locked our lockers and scanned our payment! It was really hot in the lagoon but it was really relaxing and we used a mud mask which is supposedly helpful to skin conditions. Overall the lagoon was really cool and relaxing ?.


After visiting the viking museum, we watched the teachers taking a selfie. ?


We then headed off to the airport to go home! #wewillmissyouiceland #homesweethomeherewecome ?✈️?

Anusha and Elsa xx

Day 7: Vast Viking Ships

This morning we went to the Blue Lagoon. We left our hotel in Reykjavik at 9 and arrived at the Lagoon by 10. The Lagoon was amazing. The steam from the water meant we couldn’t see far. We were able to have face masks made from mud which made us look like snowmen.

We then went to Viking World. There was a replica of a viking ship, and had lunch.




Now we are on our way to the airport to head home!!!

Lydia and Emma xx



Day 7: Sacred And Clean


We’ve decided that the architecture in Reykyavik is very modern and clean.

When we arrived at the Blue Lagoon we walked through a long mysterious pathway through the lava rocks with the rising sun warming our faces. The lagoon is like a large jacuzzi with the steam fogging up the view adding to the mysterious atmosphere.


It is very refreshing and face masks are available to rejuvenate your skin with sacred earth, the water is also very milky and unclear, so much so that you cannot see your legs in the water.

After bathing in the Lagoon we went to Vikingaheimar – a Viking museum – to look around and then to have lunch. Although they weren’t expecting us and we had to wait a little while ? – the bread was good.
There was a viking ship replica hanging from the ceiling which was very interesting to look around amd sit in, all in all a fantastic note to end the trip on ☀️☀️☀️☀️


Beth & Taya