Two Vikings

Friday the Thirteenth
We got off the plane and then collected our luggage before departing to the Viking Hotel.

In between landing and arriving at the hotel we experienced a coach journey full of Icelandic scenery.

imageWe chose our Wendy-house like rooms and had half an hour to ourselves. This mainly involved snowball fights and snowman building!

We then enjoyed (mostly) an Icelandic taster dinner. Despite the starter of shark and dried fishimage

that didn’t taste the best, we preferred the main meal which was lamb and mashed potato!

After finishing our meal two vikings joined us and sang to us in Icelandic. imageWe joined in towards the end too!

Amelia B & Freya H




Day 1

We made it! After a long journey we finally arrived at the Viking hotel. We are loving the snow and have already had a snow fight and settled into our comsy wendy houses.



imageWe’re at dinner now and we have just tried shark!! Not the best thing i’ve ever tasted.. :/
For our main we had lamb shank!! It was amazing!!!!!
For dessert we had a traditional yogurt and raspberry sorbet…it was delightful.
Looking forward to horseriding tomorrow but we better wrap up warm as its soooooo cold here!!
See you soon!
amelia howe, nia morgan, alice huntley, amy starrett, sarah boucher, charlotte pengilly and issy pennington