Day 4 Afternoon: Imo the Queen and Mia the peasant, or what it’s like not to have a phone for the week

Geysers geysers oh so hot

Geysers Geysers explode on the land plot
Geysers Geysers everywhere
Geysers go off without a care

Yak tracks in our bags
The lack of snow makes us sad
The spa isn’t so bad!

Today I thought instead of writing about what we did, I would show the parents (especially my own mother) how I am surviving without my phone and what I have learnt.

After visiting the blue ice with specs of cold white, the tangible air filled my lungs and as I sat there (obviously centre stage of the group photo) realising that I did not miss it and all. In fact, I was rather happy without my mobile telephone.


Wow shock horror! A moody hormonal teenager admitting that they don’t need the thing that many parents will argue we are attached by the hand and glued to 24/7.

Instead I’ve genuinely had to talk to my friends and even found out that they have actual lives that don’t involve me! Another point I learnt today was that in fact the world did not revolve around me and without using my addictive device I could genuinely have some head space and take in more of the world.

Although I’m not sure how long this idealistic world will last at least I have realised that there is more outside of a screen, so there mum and dad 🙂


Imogen Moore

Day 3 – lagoons, tomatoes, horses and glaciers

Day two

Today we woke up at 7:30 (far too early for some of us!). Breakfast was waffles with syrup which was nothing but heavenly. Once we had packed our bags, we hopped onto the coach for a short drive to the secret lagoon.

The secret lagoon was the most amazing thing on the trip so far. It was absolutely stunning. The lagoon was heated from a natural spring. It was so nice to bathe in something that kept us warm from Iceland’s freezing temperatures. Around it were mini geysers with temperatures of up to 100 oC. The scenery was breath-taking; everyone loved it.

After the beautiful lagoon we were whisked off to lunch at a place called Fridheimar. We were shown through one of the green houses and given a talk about the farming of tomatoes. The talk was fascinating; I learnt so much. For example, did you know that controlled bumblebees pollinated the flowers? Once we were finished we had lunch. It was tomato soup with homemade bread (authentic photo taken by Aiyla). Everything was made there and it was the most amazing soup and bread I had ever tasted, everyone agreed. After lunch, we had a short talk about the horses they bred there and then we got to cuddle them. It was a pleasant experience for everyone (apart from Imo, who was having a great time until she realised a horse was eating her jumper!) Afterwards, we were shown a live demonstration of the five different gairs of the Icelandic horses.

Unfortunately, we had to leave the horses (much to some people’s despair – apologies to Aiyla and Mrs Rusholme, who seemed to have found lifelong friends). We started our 3 hour coach journey and although it sounds boring, the scenery was stunning.

We arrived at Vik beach. It was phenomenal. The black sand was so cool as I had never seen it before. Birds swarmed around a huge, weathered cave. The waves were terrifying though because they were ginormous.

By Pippa

Third Day – tired but happy

Third day in Iceland

This morning we woke up to another breakfast of waffles, before heading out of the Selfoss Gesthus. After a short drive, we arrived at the secret lagoon which was so beautiful and really warm. It was just like a hot bath! We all took some really lovely pictures.

After a long tiring swim, we drove to an Icelandic greenhouse where we saw organic tomatoes being grown. We had (in my opinion) the best meal so far of freshly baked bread and tomato soup. Following this, we were introduced to the owner of the farm and he showed us all his Icelandic ponies which were stunning. Soon after he did a quick demonstration of the 5 gaits with one of his ponies!

Sadly we were then in for a 3 hour drive with only a couple of loo breaks…

One of these loo breaks was at Vik, an Icelandic black beach with some amazing rock formations. Our tour guide told us that the next bit of land south from Iceland is Antarctica, so the waves were really powerful and violent! We took some really cute pictures on the rocks, in the caves and on the beach. A bit later on, we stopped at Iceland’s biggest glacier!

When we arrived at the hotel, we settled down and headed for a meal of lasagna! We are all very tired so early nights all round!

Paris xoxox

Day 2 – How many water-based activities can you fit into a day?

Today is Saturday and we’re on our way to have lunch, we have just seen some incredible geysers explode in front of us! This is a once in a lifetime experience and we are so lucky to have seen it. We have even seen a new spring forming!

Early this morning we kicked off our first full day in Iceland with some delicious waffles and maple syrup- quickly followed by a coach journey to an absolutely beautiful natural waterfall. The weather is not too cold but cold enough for gloves, hats and big jackets from everyone, but the Icelandic weather will not prevent us eating buckets of ice cream at our next destination.

After lunch – amazing mushroom soup – we polished off our ice cream and set off to a gorgeous national park. We hiked up to another wonderful waterfall and saw all courses of a river and a real tectonic plate boundary dividing America and Iceland. Once again we were extremely grateful to have this opportunity to see some incredible natural features.

After the walk to the waterfall, we all piled back on to the coach and headed to our last event of the day – swimming. We went to an amazing pool with hot tubs, ice cold pools, and a huge water slide, a great end to a great day.
By Martha, Megan, Elsa, Ollie


Day 2:

Saturday 11th February

After an eventful first night in Iceland, we woke up at 7:00 to Mr Humphrey’s and Mr McGrath’s rhythmic knocks on the doors to our comfy cabins. Grudgingly, we dragged ourselves out of bed and dressed in our waterproofs and walking trousers, before heading to the dining area to get some breakfast. Much to our delight, we found fresh maple syrup waffles and tea waiting for us!

After we had eaten enough food to potentially fill the coach, we climbed aboard and headed to the first sight of the day: Gullfoss waterfall. Immediately we were greeted with rushing winds and torrents of rain as we headed down slippery ramps toward the waterfall. The view was truly breath-taking and we managed to grab a couple of selfies before moving down closer.

Once finished at the waterfall, we climbed onto the coach once more and started the journey to the famous geysers (not geezers). The smell of sulphur did nothing to deter us from experiencing first-hand the magnificence of the geysers (all the same, it was pretty gross). The stone floor next to the geyser was mottled with pastel yellows and greens, the minerals from the rock having been carried by the flood of boiling water every 5 – 7 minutes.

Having walked what seemed to be the whole of Iceland, we were all starving. Luckily we had lunch booked at a nearby dairy farm. As soon as we arrived, a very excited dog (Aisha and I LOVED that dog, if it gets lost it wasn’t us) greeted us along with the foul stench of cow manure. Moving into the farmhouse and up to a dining room, we were first served warm bread and delicious herby butter. Then, the mushroom soup was brought out, which wasn’t exactly a favourite amongst us. Oh, and by the way, Miss Nisbet called Aisha fussy more than two times despite the fact that she ate her whole bowl ?. After our meal we were treated to some homemade ice-cream; I had cinnamon sugar spice which was so good! Before we left for our walk around the national park, we all saw the adorable calves in the nearby barn ?.

Then we proceeded to drive to the stunning national park to see the rift between the two tectonic plates. The walk was very fun thanks to the brilliant entertainment of Mrs Rusholme (a.k.a The Shepherd) and Miss Gilchrist reciting various Shakespearean sonnets and famous book scenes. The scenic landscape speckled with piles of snow and rugged stone walls seemed to come right out of a storybook, paired with the wonderful history told by our guide. The best part was the waterfall we came across, which was the monumental moment when Aisha was dubbed as ‘DANGER LADY’.
To end the day before dinner we took a dip in a heated outdoor swimming pool, complete with a waterslide and hot tubs.

Can’t wait to see more of beautiful Iceland!

Aiyla xx

The start of the adventure


We were all so excited to start our adventure in Iceland. After the school musical reveal- High School Musical (which went down very well), we headed on to the coach to Heathrow.

We then met our guide who taught us snippets of Icelandic (seat belt is  sæti belti) We made our way to the accommodation and on the way saw hot springs which were around 100 degrees!

After arriving at our accommodation we headed off to dinner to enjoy a meal of rice and curry with watermelon, and there was even some herbal tea
afterwards! After getting back we picked up our keys and found our luggage and explored and settled into our cabins. We jumped in to the hot tubs and messed about until it was time to dry off and get some sleep before our busy day tomorrow.

Night time was eventful with a ladder breaking off the bunk beds and lots of late night conversations! But it was a lot of fun and a great start to this very exciting trip.

Millie xoxoxo



Day 1: On our way

Today is our first half day in Iceland and we are already loving it. After we had gotten off the plane and eaten enough food to match the weight of our suitcases we headed straight to a geyser. Our tour guide Brydis gave us some information about the history of the geyser and an overview of the geographical phenomomenons we might find during our stay.

Above is a picture of the geyser we visited. It was absolutely stunning! It might not be a white beach in the Bahamas but there’s nothing like running around in the freezing cold and watching a geyser do its thing!

By Aisha and Olivia H xoxoxoxo

Iceland 2017 Information

It’s not long until we visit the land of fire and ice. Here are a few trip documents you may want to look over:

Iceland Information evening Powerpoint 2017

Parent Information booklet

Just a few important points:
  • The girls will come to the ground floor of Mary Bennett house at 8am (please don’t be late!) on 10th February. They will be wearing their Iceland gear (walking boots, coat etc) and will check in with their group leader.
  • The girls will not be allowed any wifi enabled devices. This includes mobile phones, iPod touch etc. If your daughter has a wifi enabled GoPro or DSLR camera we will allow it, as the wifi capabilities are limited. We will be checking the girls’ bags on Friday 10th when they come into school. Many girls will be bringing disposable cameras or more basic cameras. Staff will also be available to take photos and we will share these with the girls after the trip.
  • You can communicate with your daughter whilst on the trip and find out what she is up to via the school learning space at
  • You will be able to pick up your daughter at 8:30pm from the SAR on Thursday 16th February.

Day 7: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Going home –

We arrived at the airport after sadly saying goodbye to Bryndis and Cathan on the coach. We checked in our bags are went through passport control, after which we split up and headed for duty free (running to buy as much chocolate as possible).

After we all met up together again at our gate, we boarded the plane and set off for home! Although we have had such a great time during our trip, we are all very excited to come home and see our families! We have missed everyone back in England so much xx.

Thank you to all the teachers for supervising and organising our trip and helping to make it so interesting and exciting.

Thank you to all of them for making our Icelandic experience so fantastic!

We will miss you lots, Bryndis! ‘Okei, Bae!’

Thank you so much for all of your facts; we learnt so many new things! I’m sure we all can’t wait until you come to England to see us again!

Thank you to everyone that helped make this trip so great!

Goodbye Iceland and thank you for all the memories!

Cathy and Annabelle




Day 7: Unforgettable Highlights

We are now on the plane back home, already missing the snow and beautiful landscapes.


Overall, this trip has been amazing and one that I will never forget. We have experienced the stunning works of nature and Icelandic culture whilst making so many memories.

My favourite activities have been: visiting the geysers and waterfalls, horse-riding, seeing the black beach and swimming in the Blue Lagoon.

A major highlight of the trip was viewing the Northern Lights , it was magnificent and unforgettable even though it was very cold.

Many memories were made in Iceland: e.g at least once during the week we mistook Miss Nisbet for a student, singing on the coach in between activities, slipping on ice, a lot, and many more.

This experience has been brilliant and truly unforgettable. Thank you to all the teachers who made it possible.