Day 7: The Last!

Sadly today we had to leave Iceland…

But not before a trip to the breathtaking blue lagoon. Inside the water was soothingly warm and along with the silica face masks our skin was as soft as Icelandic wool, even if a bit blotchy (and our hair like straw). It’s truly one of the wonders of the world as the water has special healing abilities unique to the lagoon, and people come from all over the world just to pay it a visit, so we felt very pampered. Many of us agreed it was definitely a highlight of the trip.
And for lunch you’ll never guess…
NOT SOUP!!!!!!!

Though not much better, we had porridge. In fact, you’ll never believe it, but most of us were kind of missing the soup!
Luckily it wasn’t too bad though, and there were many tasty sides to go with it, so we had plenty of energy for the long journey ahead.
The centre we had lunch in was also quite interesting, with a strong Viking theme, there was much information around about the interesting history of the Vikings, and we had a great time taking in these last pieces of history before we left.

But sadly we had to say goodbye to the beautiful country we had become so fond of. Luckily the wonderful memories we made on the trip will last us a lifetime. Thank you teachers, parents and everyone else who made this trip possible- it was an incredible experience we will never forget.

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