Happy Valentine’s Day! By Sahara

First thing first, Happy Valentines Day! After an early start, we firstly visited a waterfall called Skogafoss. This was a beautiful sight which was amazing to look at from both the bottom and top of it after a long walk up.

Next, we watched a video explaining the life of a family in 2010 who’s farm was based at the bottom of the volcano which erupted and the ash cloud covered and destroyed entire farm, especially their hot water main which they had built themselves generations before. This was a very touching story was it was interesting to see the effects on everyday people in Iceland and their determination when faced with this natural disaster. Afterwards, we visited another waterfall where we could walk underneath it… however getting a free shower on the way, as the water sprayed everywhere on us; maybe not as enjoyable as the other waterfalls although very interesting.

Following on, it was finally time for lunch, where we went to a Viking museum and had more soup once again. Some of us dressed up in the Viking wear, even some of the teachers.

We are now on our way to our new destination, where we will ride the Icelandic horses, plus staying at the stables for one night.
The horse riding at our hotel was amazing and an activity that many of us enjoyed! For some of us it was the first time we’d gone horse riding and was made more relaxing by the Icelandic horses being notoriously calm and gentle and also all the girls spurring everyone on to relax and have fun!

Many of us later enjoyed the hotels jacuzzis which looked over the farms fields in the evening, which we talked to other members of the trip and made some new friends!

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  1. Hi Alannah, yesterday sounds like a wonderful day. From riding Icelandic ponies??? to evening jacuzzi, you’re making great memories. Can’t wait for you to come home tomorrow – even if it’s just to muss up your bedroom which seems far too tidy without all your clothes on the floor ?. Miss you & love you. The momager xxxxxxx
    P.s. Tell Grace she looks like a hot Viking – next party look nailed ?

  2. Hi Sahara

    Wet week but sounds like fun has been had by all. Love the bad hair day.. :-D. Looking forward to seeing you and hearing all the stories.. Have yet another bowl of soap on me lolz…

    Enjoy and keep making lasting memories..

    Love you.. xx.

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