Day 6: more soup and potential Northern Lights…

We woke up to a lovely full English breakfast, which was throughly enjoyed by all especially Kung who went up four times for more.

Firstly we went to an Icelandic school, which was really interesting and made us gain an understanding of a different culture. We were especially surprised by many things including; the way the students swear at the teachers, call the teachers by their first name and even get wifi in all buildings (they aren’t restricted from the use of mobile phones.) Therefore we were able to exchange Snapchat and Instagram although unable to accept the request as phone is back in London. Next was lunch bet you can guess what it was… soup, but this time it was edible in fact it was all gone, most of it in our stomachs. We enjoyed the side of humus!

We then went to a main church in Reykjavik which was really beautiful and had an amazing view. Then we went shopping with the 1000K the teachers had kindly given us. We bought food which was very yummy. Unfortunately Phoebe Wilkins took 3 hours to gain the courage to ask directions to a toilet from some other tourists, which gave her awful directions but finally she located it.

Finally we went to a cinema owned by our lovely tour guide’s husband, and learnt about how Iceland was created. We were all quite scared about dinner as previous girls had told us about fermented shark but luckily chips came out followed by some extremely edible chicken.

It was a very fun night with rewards being handed out to many girls for being unorganised, or the clumsiest, or best leaders or helpers.

We have also been told there is a high chance of seeing the northern lights and all our fingers and toes are crossed!!  We will keep you updated.


By Eliza, Freya, Charlotte, Jasmine, Rebecca.

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