Day 5: Fun in Reykjavik with OM, Liv and Maria

Day 5: Fun in Reykjavik with OM, Liv and Maria???

We woke up bright and early to leave our scenic hotel and travelled to visit the students of Year 10 in a local school.

Firstly, they gave us a quick tour of their main building, and surprisingly we were not supposed to wear shoes and the students were in mufti all year round. We split into 4 groups and were given a tour of the outside grounds such as the pool and greenhouses. Interestingly, the school are the only place in Iceland that can grow bananas. While being given a tour of the waterfall, two of our student tour guides suddenly jumped into the freezing waterfall while claiming that they were “Icelandic vikings that can’t feel the cold!”.

Next we left the school and crossed the road to have a delicious vegetable soup with all sorts of sides and bread (this one was nice!!!!!).

We then headed to Reykjavik and stopped at a beautiful church which had beautiful views of the city from the top of the spire whilst others sat and listened to the beautiful organ music.

After seeing the beautiful city we were able to explore it, some girls opting towards the multicultural food on offer, and others strolling and appreciating the vibrant and thought provoking street art as well as multiple galleries and vintage/charity shops. The movies made by our tour guides husband were amazing and allowed us to understand the history of the amazing country were in as well as catching a sneak peak at the northern lights that we have been hoping to see (maybe tonight’s the night!!!).

Finally we went next door to the restaurant in which we ate the most delicious chicken dinner yet as well as FIZZY DRINKS and it was announced that we would be receiving carefully selected prizes such as; Alannah and Grace for most unorganised, Emily Moore and Sophie Chew for most organised, Liv and Maria for best waitresses, Imo for the clown of the trip (ed: the wording we used was comedienne) and many more (I’m sure you’ll hear all about it when we all get home tomorrow).

We just thought that we’d take this opportunity to thank all the teachers for putting up with us all week, Brindys and Joel (our tourgide and bus driver) and also Miss Nisbet for planning this truly unforgettable and unique trip and also a massive thank you to all our parents for allowing us to go on this trip and having an amazing week doing (possibly) once in a lifetime activities.


(ed. you are very welcome, girls; it’s been a pleasure.)

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  1. Hi all – have been watching your posts and feeling envious of all you’re doing with the exception maybe of jumping in freezing water! The school sounds cool. Did you see the Northern Lights? I hope so

    Can’t wait to see you Sophie and hear more about what you’ve been up to.

    Must go now and finish the homecoming soup for tonight ???. Only joking x

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