Day 5 – Waterfalls, Volcanoes and Vikings

Day 5 –


The teachers came round at 6AM to wake us up #omg #tooearly.

When we finally got up it was a pitch black walk to breakfast with ferocious wind which woke us up quickly. Luckily we got to sleep for 2 hours on the coach journey to the first waterfall. It was raining which was delightful and we loved the long climb to the top #400steps.

Then we got back in the coach to go to see a #DRAMATIC documentary on Eyja Fjalla Jökull eruption. It was very interesting and inspiring. #awkwardmoment when we realise the woman handing out the tickets at the start was the star of the documentary #mindblowing.

Joel (our legendary bus driver) then took us to another waterfall and then lunch for the 5th soup of the trip which was very yummy at this amazing Viking inspired museum restaurant with skins to sit on and little ceramic bowls.

We finally got to our new accommodation for the night at about 4 and went straight to our rooms (which are SO LOVELY!!!!!). We then went in groups of about 15 for horseriding which was terrifying but amazing.

After that we went straight to dinner – the best one yet not going to lie it was delicious (pizza, chicken and chips) then we had an amazing dessert which was chocolate cake and ice cream! At the end of the night a few of us went down to the hot tubs and had a cheeky gossip and catch up of the trip.

So far it’s been incredible despite the rainy weather but we haven’t let it get our spirits down and we’re looking forward to the next 3 days.

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  1. Hi Emily (Phob, Georgie & everyone)
    Loving the blogs – looks like the most amazing trip, excellent photos & brilliant reports, esp re not missing your phones?! – you’ll be relieved to hear Iz C has kept up your streaks(?) on Instasnap! We all miss you (well, Fred denies it) In fact Mags so distressed she persuaded Stanley Seddon to join her in a pitch invasion on Sun, & Claygate won for a change! She’s been signed! Keep enjoying the Bear Grylls Adventure – souper lucky gals! Mum & Co xx

  2. Hi Phob, Em & Georgie,
    I loved reading your post, it did make me chuckle ?
    I’m not going to lie ( Phoebe)
    Your trip sounds #Awesome
    I hope your ‘Cheeky little gossip’ in the hot tub was about how much you are missing us ?
    Although looking at how happy you are in the photo you clearly aren’t!
    Love you lots
    Mum/ Julie X

  3. Hi Georgie and girls,
    Hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day !!! Glad you are all having so much fun, you will find it so boring when you get home !! Especially no hot tubs !!!? Miss you all . Looking forward to seeing you Thursday .
    Much love Mum, Dad , Alex and Charlie xxx

  4. Hi Emma what are u thinking of Iceland??? It sounds amazing and what do you think of your soupy lunch?! Don’t give me the cold shoulder when you get back ! I’ve been climbing my way to victory (literally) I went on this huge climbing frame (with ledges) and got aches in the morning :P.. Daddy said that if i reached the top a of a frame he would give me ten pounds and i got it! From 1-10 how cold were your feet/toes while you were standing on ice! Everyone is kinda missing you. Mummy said she would make your favourite dinner when you get back home. See you tomorrow!
    From Natalie xoxoxo

  5. Hi lovely girls and teachers, Not sure you saw our first comment as we think we posted it in the wrong place (Izzy’s fault -although she says it isn’t ?). Looks like you are having a fab time and the pics and blogs are amazing. We hope you have a brilliant last day and can’t wait to see you on your return. Miss you Megan and safe travels tomorrow. Make the most of the hot tubs and saunas no equivalent luxury at home. Kate, Marcus, Izzy and G &G xxxx

  6. Dear Grace , girls and teachers
    Looks like your all having a great time! Love the viking outfit Grace,
    looking forward to seeing you. miss you loads.
    lots of love
    Mum +Dad + Billy xx

  7. Dear Charlotte and everyone. You all look like you are having the most amazing time. What an experience – we are all jealous. Missing you – it’s very quiet! Love Mum, Dad and Will. PS Will passed his driving test – your chauffeur awaits!

  8. Dearest OM, Girls and Teachers,

    Finally worked out how to send you a message. Wow, what a great way to spend half term. Looks amazing!

    Private message to OM : looks like St Valentine sneaked in and left you some chocolates… who can it be? My theory is S….n.
    Looking forward to your return. It’s far too quiet in this house.

    Mum xxx

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