Day 4 Morning: Gear up for the glaciers

After waking up in our comfy beds, we started our day with a filling breakfast before we got on the bus to go to the glacier. After a quick drive we were kitted up with crampons (grips to go on the bottom of your shoes), ice picks and a harness. Then we met our guides who took us on a long walk along the glacier. As we walked along the slippery blue ice, we witnessed many crevices and ravines, a couple of which had small streams of water flowing down them. As we made it to our final stop on the glacier we hacked at the ice to try and pick out some clean ice which we could drink from; it was very refreshing. For lunch made our way back to the hotel to enjoy a bowl of hot soup, which we needed after a long and cold walk on the glacier.

By Anastassia and Chloe

2 Replies to “Day 4 Morning: Gear up for the glaciers”

  1. Hi Anastassia, I loved your’s and Chloe’s blog post on gearing up for glaciers. It looks cold! I will think about your ice picks and crampons while I am on the beach tomorrow. I hope the group keeps blogging and posting photos….they are really great! (ps. I do hope that Miss Nisbett keeps her promise and reads this out loud to the entire bus because I know you won’t be embarrassed!)

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