Day 4 – morning, by Pippa K and Izzy

Pippa K (Pippa J wrote the last one?) and Izzy

After arriving yesterday at our second hotel, we woke up to the picturesque scene of mountains and waterfalls. We headed up from our cabin to breakfast and enjoyed a few mugs of hot chocolate (Swiss miss!), then quickly got ready for a day of glaciers ahead.

When we arrived at the glacier guide camp, we had to be fitted with harnesses and crampons (scary, spiky things for boots), and then took a short and bumpy ride up to the glacier. It was an amazing view from the top with the mountains framing the icy blue glacier. It was so exciting to be able to walk along it, and we soon set off with our crampons attached to our feet and ice-picks in hands. We learnt all about the formation of glaciers and why they are strange blue colour.
Whilst walking along the shiny bumps of ice, we had to make sure to stick our crampons in hard so as to make sure not to slip; looking down into eerie crevasses filled with running water. We had fun using the ice picks and tasting the fresh ice.

Overall it was a phenomenal once in a lifetime experience that we were so lucky to have!

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  1. Hi mi Isa hermosa, it looks like you and the girls are having a wonderful time. All the pictures look amazing. The scenary looks so spectacular that I am so tempted to take a plane and meet you there ?. We are missing you very much but so happy for you that you are very busy having such a great experience. Wishing you, the girls and teachers a super Happy Valentine’ Day! ❤️❤️❤️ Can’t wait to see you on Thursday. Love you , Mummy, daddy & Dani ?

  2. Hi Pippa (K)… thank you for clarifying, had wondered! The glacier looks incredible, what an experience. Loving all the posts and pics, air looks clear/clean, scenery stunning & great variety of soups. Happy V Day, sending you lots of love, Mummy, Ella, Lana (now sleeping 9 hours, phew) & cats xxx
    ps. good piece of travel writing 😉

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