Day 4, afternoon – The Glacial Lagoon

After an adventurous morning, we settled down to have the fourth soup of the trip! Our standards were high after the tasty tomato soup, that we had the day before, but asparagus soup wasn’t as popular however, with a “side dish” of unlimited fresh Icelandic bread we were all satisfied with lunch.

After lunch, we visited the glacier lagoon and took some cool pics with a couple of games of search for the seal and skimming stones (before getting told off for ruining “the serenity” of the scene). Nevertheless, our day kept improving as we walked along the river side to the black sand beach where ice bergs had washed up from the lagoon. On the beach, we had lots of fun taking photos and climbing on the ice. The day was rounded off with a spa visit to the hot tub and sauna.

– Ruby and Kung

7 Replies to “Day 4, afternoon – The Glacial Lagoon”

  1. Hi Freya and all the girls,
    What a stunning trip. It looks amazing and great to read the daily updates, especially about all that delicious soup! 🙂 We’re missing you lots at home…have wonderful next few days and can’t wait to see all the pictures. Lots of love Mum & Cameron xxx (PS Cameron says “Have you found some water you can row on yet?!!”)

  2. Hi Pippa J,
    I loved the pictures of the glaciers and the black sand and sitting on washed up icebergs – very cool. Iceland looks fantastic. We went for a walk with Daisy round East Head today, the wind was bitterly cold and coming from the East. She had a sand beard by the time we left. Daisy misses you and sends you lots of cuddles.
    Lots of love
    Mum and Dad.

  3. Ruby and Kung thanks for the last update on what sounds like a wonderful day. K hope you are firing on all cylinders. Looking forward to having you back ( even if it means waiting to use the bathroom again). Enjoy the rest of the trip. Ldxx

  4. Hi Alannah, hope you’re doing well and enjoying the trip☺️. We look forward to reading the blog every day – just to find out what flavor soup you’ve had! The photos of the glacier lagoon and blue ice look stunning. Zach is hoping he’ll get to see a photo of you posted on the blog – he said he wants proof you’re actually in Iceland! The house is so quiet without you. Looking forward to having you home on Thursday. Hugs and kisses xoxo ? ?

  5. P.S. Happy Valentines Day! You’re had a gazillion cards – the Post Office had to put on an extra shift to deliver them all. Xxxxxxxxx

  6. Hi jasmine – daddy wanted to say happy valentines but couldn’t find the button on the site! Glad you are having a great time – can’t wait to see you and hear all about it on Thursday. X

  7. Hi Emily (Phob, Georgie & everyone)
    Loving the blogs – looks like the most brilliant trip, excellent photos & brilliant reports, esp re not missing your phones?! – you’ll be relieved to hear Iz C has kept up your streaks(?) on Instasnap! We all miss you (well, Fred denies it) In fact Mags so distressed she persuaded Stanley Seddon to join her in a pitch invasion on Sun, & Claygate won for a change! She’s been signed! Keep enjoying the Bear Grylls Adventure – souper lucky gals! Mum & Co xx

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